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Description: Jumps is a game for Android that focuses on addictive and challenging gameplay to keep its players amused. The game couldn't be much simpler, but in life we say that the simple things are often the most enjoyable. In Jumps, all you need to do is to tap either left or right to jump to corresponding platform to escape the rising lava. It features an endless mode where you need to post the highest score you can, a time trial where you need to jump as many times as possible in the time limit and a fairly simple, yet satisfying multiplayer mode. Can something this simple be much fun? Let's find out.


How it Works: To start jumping, you'll need to download Jumps from the Play Store. After that, you're ready to start playing.

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As Jumps features multiplayer – as well as achievements – using Google Play Games you'll need to sign in with your Google account. Then, you can start playing by choosing a game mode. To get a feel for the game, I'd suggest trying the Endless gameplay mode.


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The game tells you how to play with some simple prompts, but it's pretty simple, you just need to jump left or jump right. Your score is made up of how many jumps you have made and you can keep an eye on it in the top-left corner. The higher you go, the more difficult it can become as you build up a rhythm of hitting left and right without thinking and one wrong tap can ruin a great score.

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The time trial mode can be a lot of fun as well, charging you with getting as high a score as possible in the allotted time period. Both game modes are a lot of fun and the added multiplayer also makes things a lot of fun, too.

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Opinion: While there's not too much to say about the look and feel of Jumps, it's an incredibly fun game. There's more than enough on offer here to keep you occupied and the core gameplay is so addictive. The game pits yourself against well, yourself and that sort of gameplay is so satisfying I found it hard to put down. Knowing that a simple twitch to tap the wrong button at the wrong time could mess up your new high score is pretty exciting and it's a great game for a little play here and there as well longer sessions when trying to beat your absolute best high score.



  • Speed (4.5/5) – I found that Jumps ran well, with very little to complain about and it runs well on pretty much any device you choose.
  • Features (4/5) – It's pretty light when it comes to features, but the core gameplay and three game modes are really quite compelling and addictive.
  • Theme (4/5) – It's colorful enough, but what's more important is that the controls are easy to see and hit and the platforms are also easily recognizable, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – Jumps is a good game that doesn't offer a whole lot, but it makes for that with addictive, exciting gameplay and decent multiplayer offerings. A great game to indulge in for hours or just a few minutes here and there, Jumps is worth a try.


  • Jumps works well on smartphones and tablets nicely.
  • The two-thumb control system is really easy and it helps the gameplay shine on its own.
  • There's no need to spend any money with the game if you don't want, and the ads aren't too obtrusive at all.
  • Good for a quick play here and there maybe on the commute to work or something, but also great for longer more relaxing sessions.


  • Jumps doesn't have much going for it in the way of presentation, but it's certainly not bad-looking.
  • A different game mode would be nice to see alongside time trial and endless.

Conclusion: Jumps is a game that people need to pickup and play to see how much fun it is and while it doesn't appear to have a whole lot on offer, it certainly is a lot of fun. It's addicting and like other games that pit yourself against your last best performance, Jumps can get really quite exciting the more time you spend with it and the further on you get up. A great game that's free-to-play, simple to get into and very satisfying, Jumps is well worth a try.


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