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Description: Bag Tag Challenge is an android game for those who love disc golf. You can instantly become a member of the Tribaloid Disc Golf Sports Club and compete against other players for the lowest bag tag score on the disc golf course. Compete in real time multiplayer any time and anywhere, or if there is no internet connection present you can simply brush up on your skills in the single player mode so you can bring some real heat for the next game. Whether you like to top the leaderboards and best the scores of your friends or other players online, or simply play by yourself from time to time, bag tag challenge can help you become a professional tag hunter. Bag Tag also has a G+ community that you'll want to join, which is a great place to find other players if you're looking to seek out a match, and if you join posted events there are real prizes involved.

How It Works: First what you'll need to do is grab Bag Tag Challenge from the Play Store and download it. Once that's done you can get to hunting tags and perfecting your throws.

Bag Tag Challenge allows you to compete in real time multiplayer for the lowest tag in club. There are three different disc golf courses and the more you play the better you'll learn the course and perfect your game.You can also take turns with friends to play for the lowest score on the course if you want them to join in on the fun. Both real time and turn based multiplayer modes are set as the center of the game and provide the most fun, but single player is always available for play.

Opening the game right off the bat, the first thing you'll notice is the option to pick your play mode. Once you have picked the game jumps right to the course and has you ready to throw your first disc. Learning what each button does was pretty simple and once you have the hang of things, the game goes pretty smoothly. You can alter the angle of your throw up or down with the slider bar, what kind of throw you toss out including backhand, forehand, and put, and you can alter the power of throw as well to account for longer distances.

You'll also be able to change how much spin you put on your disc after you toss it, and changing the direction of the throw is as easy as dragging your finger across the screen by touching the cross-hair near the top.Bag Tag uses real innova discs and disc flight ratings, and you can buy, sell, and even recycle innova discs in the shop. Before you buy new discs and head out to play on the course, you can compare disc flight ratings.

Real time multiplayer games are about 30-50 minutes long, and allow for spectating during other players turns and you can eve watch them toss their discs on the same holes. This mode can include up to three players.

Single player has you throw your discs on the course and basically just attempt for par on the course, while turn based multiplayer will have you compete for par against friends, with notifications on who's turn it is after each member is finished with theirs.


Bag Tab Challenge even includes Google play Games services, so that means you'll have leaderboards to compete for a spot in and achievements to collect as you play.

Opinion: I have never played a single game of disc golf in my life, so I was a little skeptical of this game at first. However after playing I found it to be quite fun and it was easy to get used to. It took me a moment to figure out the controls as there are no indicators or instructions to help you, but once things started moving i was throwing out discs left and right with ease. Use of the map was a great tool to remind me which way the tag was so i could make sure to throw my discs in the right direction.


  • Speed (3.5/5) - This isn't the snappiest game I have ever played, but for the most part things run pretty smoothly and the game is enjoyable
  • Features (4.5/5) - There is actually quite a bit that you can do with this game. Three modes of play and the options for buying and selling discs in the shop, as well as a tag editor mode, achievements, and leaderboards give the player a lot of content.
  • Theme (4/5) - The 3D graphics were pretty good and there was definitely some good effort that went into designing the effects for things, like displaying the angle of your throws and when you score
  • Overall (4/5) - For someone who has never played a game of disc golf, I found this to be fun. It wasn't difficult to learn and the leaderboards and achievements are always a nice touch. Real time multiplayer is also a huge plus that should grab a lot of gamers.


  • Real time multiplayer, Turn based multiplayer with friends, and a single player mode to practice
  • Google Play Games services like leaderboards and achievements
  • easy to learn
  • Plenty of features like a disc shop and even the ability to edit tags


  • There was some lag here and there, mostly when I was trying to change the direction of the throws
  • No instructions to guide new users on controls, buttons, etc.

Conclusion: If you like disc golf or have ever been interested in seeing what it's all about, Bag Tag Challenge is a wonderful game to help acquaint you with the sport. The use of achievements and leaderboards will give single player gamers and competitive multiplayer gamers both something to work for. The developers also seem to be doing constant and often updates to the game which is fantastic as they see very attentive to feedback.

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