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Description: Translator from development team Rapuzo is one of those apps that can be a really great tool to have around. Sometimes you have the need to translate selections of words and are left without a way to do so. But with Translator you can get words, sentences or paragraphs translated easily and quickly. Translator supports a large grouping of languages which gives it a large compatibility list. The goal of Translator is simple, to provide you with the means to translate words or phrases anytime you need them. Having a translator app can be extremely handy at times, but only if gives you the features that you're looking for and the languages that you need. Does Translator give users those features? Lets find out shall we?

How It Works: First things first, if you're looking for an app to take over your translation needs, then the Play Store is the next stop for you. Head there and grab Translator and download it.

Upon opening Translator for the first time, you'll notice one very distinct feature of the app that was actually very pleasing to me, it opens up in it's own menu atop whatever other apps our menus you're in. So it works exactly like Facebook chat heads.

Since it opens up in a chat heads style menu, it makes Translator very easy to use no matter what you're already doing, even in you're in a game or watching a YouTube video, you can always tap on the Translator bubble that is sitting near the edge of the screen.

Translator is also versatile, as it works with virtually any Android device that is running Android 2.3 or higher, which is a heck of a lot of different devices.

Once you have selected which language you are translating from and which one you're translating to, you can even hit the arrow buttons in between language selections to swap them and easily swap the translated word.

Just in case you find it a little easier to learn translations of any words or groups of words by sound, instead of simply reading the translation you can push the audio buttons to have the translations read back to you. The TTS engine even sounds very human like, which is a big plus.  Translator has support for over 80 different languages, with anything from English to Arabic and Simplified Chinese. However the TTS engine is stated that it doesn't support all languages which is something to be aware of. That could probably be easily fixed though by finding and downloading a TTS language pack for that language.

Opinion: Out of the few translator apps that I have tried, this has provided me with the best experience so far. It works better than Google Translate for me, and I love that it sits atop other apps in a chat heads bubble style. I don't often have the need to translate stuff but when I do i need it to work and work well, and I feel that Translator can get that job done. I can also continue to use other apps while i use this without backing out of them which is the absolute best.


  • Speed (5/5) - Word translations were quick, even the TTS read words back to me with blazing speed. I was impressed with how fast it worked.
  • Features (4/5) - While it would be nice to have our own personal human translator around that knows all languages, that just isn't feasible. Luckily that's where Translator can help out since it supports a wide range of languages and can even read them back to you.
  •  Theme (4/5) - The theme and overall UI look is fairly basic, but a translator app has no real need for a flashy UI and the added chat bubble style gives it some flare.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - This is a great Translator application that near anyone should be able to use. I really enjoyed it and it works better than others I have tried in the past.


  • Chat head style window so you can use it without closing other apps
  • Support for a wide variety of languages totaling 80
  • Awesome TTS quality
  • Works quickly and accurately


  • Lack of TTS support for certain languages may not work for some people

Conclusion: Even though the need for a translation of words will most likely not be a constant thing for most people, it's good to have an app around that handle the job when the function is needed. Even better when it doesn't have to interrupt whatever else you're doing on your device. It's also very handy that Translator can automatically detect words that are typed up in the source language before translation by auto detecting the language input on the device. Throw in the fact that this app is free and that makes Translator a winner.

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