Sponsored App Review: Sunnycomb


Description: Weather apps can be a dime a dozen now a days but none have really taken to leap to make the weather application more social and interactive. None except Sunnycomb. It's a weather application that is also social, which is a fresh new take on a weather application, providing the emotions and moods of how people feel about the weather on a given day. Not just users in your local area, but users all around the globe. Some may be just content with looking at the weather and seeing how hot or cool it is, whether or not it'll rain tomorrow, and what the temperature will be later on in the evening, and that's OK. If you want a weather app with a little more interactivity to it, Sunnycomb just might be able to provide that for you.

How It Works: You'll need the app installed on your device before you can readily start checking the weather and letting others know about your current mood on how warm it is, for that you'll want to head to the Play Store and download Sunnycomb.


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Sunnycomb can give you the weather, but it is much more than just letting you know the current temperature and the day's precipitation or lack there of. It's made to be social, to share your mood, or how you feel about the weather where you are.

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For the local forecast, you can grab the temperature stats in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, whichever you prefer. The local forecast also shows you conditions, humidity, and other factors just like any other weather app. The interface is delightful and rather elegantly designed as well.

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Sunnycomb is all about sharing your weather experiences and bringing your local forecasts to life. This is helped by users sharing their own generated views of the sky through images taken using the in-app camera function.


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The moods provide "emotional details" on what the weather currently feels like to you and others around the globe. Check out others moods on the weather in their area and share yours so others can grasp how the weather feels where you are. Sunnycomb also lets you generate and create your very own weather report and submit it into the cloud for all to see. Let others know exactly what the weather is like in your area.

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To make things even more sociable and interactive, Sunnycomb lets you like, comment, and share the weather reports that you find most useful or like the most. Others will see this reflected on the same weather reports should they come across them. You can also do a search for specific locations should you want to see images or find details on the weather in certain areas.

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There is also a cool "shake device" feature that brings up the name of the geo-location where each image was taken by tilting the device in an almost flick of the wrist type motion. Do the same thing again to dismiss the location names and simply view the images again.


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Opinion: This is definitely a new and fresh take on getting your weather information. Normally you have a weather app that just provides you with the forecast, conditions and other weather information, but with Sunnycomb it has all of that plus adds a whole social interaction element to it by allowing users to create and share their very own weather forecasts, which users can like, comment on, and share themselves. User submitted images and moods about the current weather in one's location are also nice touches and something different.


  • Speed (5/5) – App transition and animations, load times, and general use were all quick
  • Features (4.5/5) – Sunnycomb provides quite a bit that many other weather apps don't, plus the stuff you'd find in most others. The social features are what set it apart.
  • Theme (5/5) – The theme is actually rather elegantly designed and the use of colors makes the app feel like a sunny day(which of course was the intention I'm sure)
  • Overall (4.5/5) – This is a great weather app, especially for anyone that loves weather and wants to share that enthusiasm with others who feel the same.


  • Great theme and use of colors. App UI is very visually appealing
  • Cool features and social interaction through moods, images shares of the sky and likes/comments on posts
  • Create your own weather report and share it with others


  • First time use might be a bit confusing for some, but getting the hang of the interface is simple after a little more time

Conclusion: Most weather apps provide you with the same types of functions while Sunnycomb takes the weather data that's important and pairs it with a list of great social features and interactions that really make it shine(no pun intended)and stand out. If you love sunny days and aren't a huge fan of the freezing rain, share your moods about it and others will be able to interact with those moods. Most of us can imagine how wonderful it feels and looks outside during a bright sunny day and Sunnycomb gives you a way to share that with others around the world. It's also a great way to see user generated images and data about the current weather in a location you might be traveling to, which can be ultimately more useful than generated data through most services since it's user submitted.