Sponsored App Review: pCloud


Description: pCloud is a cloud storage app and service that allows users to store and keep safe important files like photos, music, documents, videos, and more. pCloud gives users 10GB of free storage right from the start, with the possibility to earn up to 10GB more by inviting friends to download and use pCloud as well. pCloud also has auto backup features that lets you automatically backup photos and videos as soon as they’re taken, and any file stored within pCloud syncs to your pCloud account instantly so they can be accessed from anywhere your pCloud account is logged in whether that be on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Even the web.

How It Works: First you have to open up the Play Store app and download pCloud and install it. After that setting up your free cloud storage account is fast and simple.


pCloud instantly gives you a free 10GB of storage to use for any files that you want to backup, which is more then some competitors give you at the beginning. You can also earn up to an additional 10GB by inviting friends, 1GB for each friend you invite that sets up their own pCloud account.


You can store just about anything within pCloud. Documents, media files like photos, music, and videos, even links so you can go back to webpages that you wanted to store for later use.


pCloud also has upgradeable options for accounts for a monthly or annual subscription, including 100GB, 300GB, and 1TB plans for all the space one could ever need.


One of the best features is that pCloud has no file size limit on what you store within the cloud. You can upload full HD movies or other videos without having to worry about how much space they’ll take up, leaving you free to focus on getting everything you need backed up and then going about your day.


Of course you can choose to share certain files with users and set different levels of access to each one, but even better is that pCloud’s exclusive upload link feature allows any person to use for uploading links to your pCloud account without having to have their own account set up. pCloud’s offline mode can come in handy when you know you’ll be without a data connection but will have need to access certain files during that time. Just mark them as “favorites” and they’ll be available for use while you have no connection.


Opinion: pCloud seems to work great and setup is rather easy and quick. The initial 10GB of free storage was nice as some other cloud storage apps and services only give you a couple gigs to work with. As a cloud storage app in general you’ll find most things are pretty standard in what you’d expect from an app like this, but everything works well and the user interface is actually really great and pleasing to the eye. What might be pCloud’s best feature is the upload links feature that generates a unique link, which allows anyone to upload links to your pCloud account, and they are not required to have a pCloud account to do so.


  • Speed (5/5) – Setup was quick and painless, and syncing happened pretty fast as well. The app also runs very smoothly.
  • Features (4/5) – pCloud has some great features, and even offers one that other cloud apps don’t seem to have with the “upload links” feature.
  • Theme (5/5) – The user interface looks great and there is no excess in color nor is there too little. There is a good amount of white space and the app looks great
  • Overall (4.5/5) – pCloud is a great option for anyone in the need of a cloud storage app. Lots of good features and an interface that is easy to look at and work with. Overall very easy to use, and fast.


  • Fast and simple to use. Setup was easy and downloads/sync all seem to be quick
  • upload links feature allowing anyone(even those without pCloud accounts)to upload links to your account
  • 10GB of free storage from the start with the ability to earn up to 10 more by inviting friends
  • No file size limits on what you upload.


  • Prices for upgraded storage amounts are pretty pricey compared to others

Conclusion: One of the better cloud storage apps I have used. pCloud gives you lots of free storage at the start and you can earn a good bit more for free just by inviting friends to use it as well. Allowing anyone to share and upload stuff to your account is a good feature that many will surely find handy.