Sponsored App Review: Pacer


Description: Pacer is an Android app that basically serves as a digital pedometer, it's designed as a little more than a standard step counter however. It's geared up to map out your walks or runs using Google Maps, it'll tell you how many calories you've burned, how long a distance you've walked and you can even program it with your age, height and weight to help with your overall fitness. Pacer has one more little trick up its sleeve though, and that's the ability to use hardware-based pedometers if your device has one, much like my Nexus 5 does. So, let's take a look and see if Pacer is the pedometer app you've been looking for.

How it Works: Much like other apps, you'll need to download Pacer from the Play Store. Once you've done that, you can go ahead and get the app setup.


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There aren't many settings to configure really, but if you're looking to use this to keep yourself in shape or to just get into a more active lifestyle, then it's worth adding your age, gender and weight into the app.

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Once you're happy with the settings you've changed, you can go ahead and start using it to track your steps.

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My first short run was logged fairly decently I felt, and the more you use the app, the better look at the type of activity throughout the day you'll get. You can genuinely use this to help you lose weight as well, as the trend part of the app will help you get a look at the sort of weight you're losing by staying more active.



The mapping of your route is a particularly nice feature and will appeal to hikers quite nicely.



Opinion: Pacer is another pedometer app for Android and while we already have a good amount of these on offer, there's always room for one more. What sets Pacer apart from the rest of the pedometer apps out there is that it focuses on delivering the whole package. Other apps that deliver the same sort of features as Pacer are more equipped for running or serious sports, those that only want to walk or can only walk due to health should still get the same features as these other apps without feeling guilty about it. The groups feature is a really good addition and it's something that I'll be using with my Dad to keep fit, but for me there's one big thing missing; Android Wear support. Even if it were some simple way of checking my steps from my watch it'd be a real boon for this app, as frankly Google's own step counter is far from precise.


  • Speed (4/5) – I had no issues with how quickly Pacer ran and it efficiently logged my steps throughout the day.
  • Features (4.5/5) – It might be yet another pedometer app, but the extra features here are a nice touch and with Android Wear support it'd be even better.
  • Theme (4/5) – The UI is easy to use, the font choice is light and nothing is presented too seriously here, another nice touch.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid app that takes advantage of hardware sensors and can be used to help stay fit or steadily lose weight, Pacer is well worth looking at.


  • Works with hardware sensors like the pedometer inside the Nexus 5.
  • Maps your route onto a Google Maps image for later reference down the line.
  • Can help you lose weight as well as stay fit using the trends page.
  • Simple and easy to use, which is good for those a little older or not too tech-savvy.


  • Android Wear support would make this a much better app, especially as smartwatches are becoming more affordable now.
  • The plus mode that is more accurate can effect your battery life.

Conclusion: Pacer is an app that those looking to get into shape, or perhaps recover from an injury should really look into. It's a simple and easy to use app that works well, is pretty accurate and gives you a detailed look at how you're progressing and can even map out walking routes so you can take in the same view once again. A good choice for those looking for a little more than a pedometer app, but not so much as a full-blown fitness app.