Sponsored App Review: MoboRobo All-In-One Device Management Tool

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Description: MoboRobo is your all-in-one management tool for your android devices that can pretty much do anything you need. Backing up your devices can be a bit of a pain sometimes but MoboRobo makes things easy to backup files, transfer them from device to device, make secure backups so that you can restore them to your phone in the event that you lose all the information on your device and have to reset, and tons of other features. The free PC software and android device companion app work together to provide a simple user friendly experience with a nice little walkthrough from the moment you install the program.

How It Works: You can’ begin to back things up or make data transfers without the software, so you’ll need to hop over to the MoboRobo website and download the program and install it. After MoboRobo is installed and you plug in your device with the USB for the first time, the program will install the MoboRobo daemon app to your device which is needed to interface your device with the software on your PC.



MoboRobo is an all-in-one Android device management tool, and it does plenty of useful things that make managing files on your device and PC that much simpler. You can transfer most types of data between your device and the computer, like photos, music, videos, and even the applications that you have installed. MoboRobo also has its very own app store called MoboMarket which can be downloaded and installed from the MoboRobo site, and any apps you download there will show up in MoboRobo’s management tool just like those you download from the Play Store or other source.



MoboRobo will let you backups of all the data on your device, which of course is something we would definitely recommend to do on a regular basis. Backing up your device can ensure that you don’t lose important data should something happen to your phone.



Restoring your device in the event that something does happen is as easy as plugging in the replacement and initiating the restore feature through the software. In no time you should have all of your files back on the new device.



Even if you’re just going to use MoboRobo to manage all of your media files like music, videos and pictures, transferring them back and forth is quick and quite simple. All you have to do is drag and drop any files that you want on either your PC or phone to the designated tab for either device, and that’s it.



MoboRobo will also let you send and receive SMS messages from and to your phone using the PC to type and send them. Thanks to the interface of the program on your PC, when your phone is connected you can use the keyboard for your computer to type everything up, then just hit send when you’re done.



Perhaps you want to make a little more room on your device for more apps later on, MoboRobo can help with that too thanks to the built in app manager. You can download, install, uninstall or even update the apps already on your device with a few simple clicks.




Opinion: Not having an easy way to transfer stuff back and forth between your PC can be a pain and it leaves you without a way to make safe and secure backups so that you have replacements of files if you ever lose the originals. MoboRobo makes it easy to safeguard your files with backups and do a slew of other functions. Working from my PC is something that makes having the SMS feature for example, a very handy function to have so I can still send and receive texts if my phone is connected to MoboRobo but without having to pick up my phone and do it. Dragging and dropping files makes things easy so that just about anyone can use it.


  • Speed (4/5) – The app works well and performs just how software like this should.
  • Features (5/5) – This would still be a great product if all it did was back up data and allow you to transfer files, but it does a lot more than that making it a full featured and powerful all-in-one management tool.
  • Theme (5/5) – Simple and clean with a well designed style. Everything is easy to find.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – This is a great all-in-one tool for anyone, especially those who could benefit from the ease of use.


  • Fast and simple setup
  • Drag and drop files easily for transfers
  • SMS from PC as long as phone is connected
  • Backup and restore in the event it is needed
  • App management for install, uninstall, and updates


  • Some people may not have a PC to use this program, which is where a cloud option would be useful

Conclusion: Managing the files on your android device isn’t always the easiest if you’re not used to performing those types of tasks with your phone. MoboRobo makes it easy to understand the process and walks you through the steps as soon as you install it. It gives plenty of great features to users who are looking to manage files, backup data, transfer contacts and other data, or even manage the apps on their phone. The program is even free. If you need an easy to use but powerful tool for device management, MoboRobo is worth looking into.