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Description: These days, it's so easy to find where you are and where to head next. We can search for whatever we want and always know which left to take. However, all of this convenience comes at a price, we constantly need to be online and that's something that costs us money and is very rarely possible while travelling abroad. That's where MAPS.ME comes in, it aims to deliver maps offline no matter where you are in the world, allowing you to find out where the nearest gas station is, how to get to your holiday accommodation and more – all without using a single piece of data. It's more than just simple maps for offline use however, as MAPS.ME comes with all the features that you're used to from the likes of Google Maps, but with no need for any data and it doesn't matter where you are in the World.

How it Works: MAPS.ME comes in two different versions, one of which is a free trial and then the full version which is paid. You can use the trial version to try it out, but the real advantage is with the paid version. Once you've downloaded MAPS.ME, you can start exploring the world, either by zooming in or just by hitting the geolocation arrow at the bottom-left.


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The maps are all from the Open Street Map and they load quickly and work even quicker once you've downloaded them to your smartphone or tablet.

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Let's say I'm going on holiday to Spain, or meeting family. I can head on over to Spain, however you will need to download these maps before you leave, so just go ahead and download the maps for Spain.

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Once you have the maps downloaded, you can go and explore, without the need for any data at all, which is great when roaming as we all know how expensive data roaming is these days.


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More than just maps though, the detail on offer in MAPS.ME makes it super-easy to quickly find facilities and such quickly and easily from a list of different categories.

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You can search for whatever you want, including specific addresses and place names. All of this can be done offline as well, as all the data is downloaded along with the maps.

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When you really need to get somewhere, like the nearest gas station, you'll be able to see it on the map and get directions using GPS, too.


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The app also prompts you to download maps for your local area and such when you first install the app and while these do take up a good deal of space, but it's better than having to rely on costly data and you can also store this data on an SD card, too. A lot of the time you'll need to forward plan and download your maps beforehand, and one cool feature of this is also bookmarks. All you need to do is search for an address or find something on the map and then bookmark it. Then you can find it in your places and get directions to it.

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When you're on the move, MAPS.ME will follow in real-time as well as show you altitude and speed on your journey.


Opinion: MAPS.ME's core feature is giving you offline maps and it does so with aplomb, it's really easy to get those maps, too. All you need to do is install one app to get access to all the maps available all over the world. One thing I liked to see was the extra detailed neatly put into the maps, like building numbers and such, all of it adds up to an incredibly simple to use app that has everything you might want while traveling for work or pleasure. Being able to search for landmarks, accommodation or where to fuel up next is also really important when overseas and MAPS.ME can help with all of that.



  • Speed (4/5) – The initial download of maps can take a little while, but after that they're super-quick to navigate and find your way around with.
  • Features (5/5) – With maps for every country in the world pretty much, there's no way you'll ever get lost again with MAPS.ME and it'll save you a ton on your data roaming bills.
  • Theme (4/5) – The whole app looks good and the extra detail added to the maps makes them nice and easy to get your head around, with a style similar to that of Google Maps to keep things familiar.
  • Overall (4/5) – A great app for those who travel frequently for business or just don't want to get lost while on holiday, MAPS.ME offers great detail while saving you money on your bill, too.


  • After an initial download of the maps, you can rest assured that you won't get lost when you're next traveling.
  • Works great on tablets as well as smartphones, using GPS for accurate location.
  • Lots of detail added to the maps so it's easier to figure out where you need to head next whether you'r on foot or in the car.
  • Detailed search menu can help you find nearby stores, banks and more with the ability to search for something more specific quickly and easily.


  • Could be considered too pricey for some people, but it will save you lots on your next bill.
  • No turn-by-turn navigation, but the map does follow you on their maps to help you keep up-to-date on where you're going and which direction you're headed in.

Conclusion: If you're someone that travels a lot or just likes to get out there and explore when overseas on holiday, MAPS.ME is an excellent app to have installed and setup on your smartphone or tablet. It makes it super-easy to make sure you know where you are and that you're headed in the right direction without having to pay those pesky data roaming charges. The maps have a lot of added detail to them and the app itself runs nice and smoothly, with the ability to easily find a specific place, how to get there and where to put your head down at night.


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