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Description: Everyone hates missing calls once in a while. Sometimes though it just isn't possible to get to certain calls before the person on the other end hangs up. A lot of times those calls that we miss could be quick calls with simple questions too, making them fairly easy to answer, if we were just able to actually pick up the phone. Knock-Responsive Missed Call is an app that can help people respond to calls that come in with a quick reply like a Yes, or No, for example. 70% of all calls are status calls which would make them easy to reply to if you had a few seconds. With Knock, you can send knock messages which appear as a phone call with text options to the user receiving it. It provides the urgency of a call with the ease of use and convenience of a text message.

How It Works: First you need to open up the Play Store app and download Knock-Responsive Call. After that you're ready to send people Knock's instead of calls, but still convey the same sense of importance that warrants a phone call.

Knock works easily and fast. Make sure that any person you're planning on using Knock with has the app installed as well, or they won't be able to quick respond, which is the main purpose of the application in the first place.

Knock doesn't just let you respond with text messages or a quick "yes" answer, you can respond with calls as well, although messages are easier and the idea behind this app. Invite your friends so you can "knock" each other any time you want to get your message through to the other person.

Sending Knocks is extremely easy. Just tap on the Knock contact that you want to reach, type out your message, and the text message will appear on your contacts phone screen just like a call. Once they drag on the unlock button to respond they'll be met with a selection of response options, including calls and texts.

Knock already has a preset list of messages included with the app, but you can also type out new ones anytime you receive a knock, and you can also add new messages to the list of existing presets to make Knock message responses easier and faster. Responses also include a "yes, no, or share location".

Knock also includes a history so you can go back and check your past knocks any time you need to. Just open up the history screen and they're all laid out for you just like you would find your call history. You can also view all knock responses quickly and easily right from your homescreen within 60 seconds, and just in case you cant reach into your pocket or purse and grab your phone, the latest update also now includes knock support for Android Wear, allowing you to respond to knocks from your wrist even faster.

Opinion: Knock provides a fun and easy way to message and respond to messages in a fast manner, but with a better chance that you'll get responses to text messages. The app attempts to do part of the work for you in finding contacts which is a great feature, and if none of your contacts use Knock the app gives you the option to invite people. The preset list of messages is great and it's handy having some in there from the start, and the ability to add more is a great option as it allows for the absolute fastest response time with Knock, using a simple swipe. The added support for Android Wear devices is also a huge plus, making using this app even easier.


  • Speed (5/5) - The app was surprisingly quick and responsive, and sending messages was easy.
  • Features (5/5) - Not quite messaging and not quite calls, Knock gives tons of features like preset message responses, knock history, Android Wear support, and phone call urgency in a messaging type package.
  • Theme (5/5) - The app looks great as the team at Knock is transitioning the whole UI to a Material Design style look. The bright and bold colors at the top really make things stand out.
  • Overall (5/5) - There really isn't enough good things to say about this app. Getting no response to a text can be a little annoying and Knock can help alleviate that since it looks like a phone call is coming in.


  • Quick responses to message that look like calls
  • Preset list of messages already installed for convenience
  • Add more messages to the preset list
  • Beautiful Material Design style UI
  • Android Wear support


  • Some users may not like that email is required to set up the Knock account

Conclusion: Knock is a great app for communication and fresh new way to send messages to friends and family. The app works quickly and functions well. More easily avoid missed message responses thank to the appearance of a phone call, and the Android Wear support is great for people that use the app but still may not be hands free from time to time. The Material Design shows that they're trying to keep the UI and style of the app up to date and fresh, and they're even adding number and contact blocking soon. This is definitely a must have app for anyone.


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