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Description: InstaRepost is an Android app that does exactly what you think it does, it helps you repost your favorite photos on Instagram. It's sort of like a more advanced version of just reposting a photo on Instagram and can help you repost a user's photo or video without taking it from them and calling it your own. You can add cool features like stickers to your repost as well as the original poster's username, both of which are nice touches that work well. More than that though, InstaRepost works great as an alternative client and you can browse through your likes, search for new photos and more, an especially nice feature for those using tablets.

How it Works: Just like the official Instagram app, you'll need to download InstaRepost from the Play Store. However, you don't need to have the original Instagram app installed at all to make use of this.


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You'll need to login with your Instagram nickname (your username, not your email address) before you can get started. You can however, still browse photos and download them without logging in.

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Right after you've installed the app, you can go ahead and start using InstaRepost as you would any other Instagram app taking a look at your feed as you would with the proper Instagram app.

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You can like something with InstaRepost like I have done with this cute picture of a Pug and you can also browse your likes and favorites with the app, too.


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When reposting something with InstaRepost, you'll see the user's name in the bottom left as well as a watermark at the top-right.

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You can also choose to repost videos as well, something that other similar apps don't seem to feature.

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As we covered earlier, InstaRepost is also a great alternative Instagram app, which means you can easily search for your favorite things as you would on the website or through the official app. Here I have searched for cat posts.


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When you find something you like, you can also save it to your device's internal storage, as well a share the image to Facebook or Twitter right from the app.

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Opinion: In the day of Instagram and Vine, people really love to reshare things so that their social circles can enjoy the same photo or video that they enjoyed earlier. However, a lot of the time this is a simple resharing, but with InstaRepost, you can add stickers to your photo to make your little stamp on things and you can still leave the original username of the person who took the photo on there. Something that I think is a nice addition, as those who take photos should be remembered for their original work. InstaRepost also works brilliantly on tablets, giving users a way to browse their favorite posts on a larger display, something that otherwise wouldn't be possible with the official app. It's more than just an app to repost things as you can download these images to your device as well as browse your Instagram likes and more.


  • Speed (4/5) – InstaRepost is quick and reposting something doesn't take long at all.
  • Features (4/5) – It serves a simple purpose, but it's not just about reposting. You can use InstaRepost as a full Instagram client and you can download and share posts to whichever networks you wish and you can even repost videos with this.
  • Theme (4/5) – The app is good-looking and makes it easier for tablet users to browse their feed as well as reshare their favorites on a daily basis.
  • Overall (4/5) – With a good-looking app that works well on tablets, and a repost menu that adds things like stickers and such, InstaRepost is a great app for those keen Instagrammers to try out.


  • InstaRepost is easy to use and everything runs nice and quickly.
  • You can easily download images and videos to your phone or tablet's storage as well.
  • InstaRepost is a nice alternative to the official Instagram app and really works great on tablets.
  • Perfect for those that share a lot of stuff, but want to share things with a little more meaning and fun.


  • To make the most of the app, you'll need to pay for the extra reposting features.
  • Needs the official Instagram app installed to share things to other networks.

Conclusion: InstaRepost is an app that does more than just allow users to repost images and videos, the tablet app is a great way to get Instagram on your larger displays and it makes for a great third-party client. The team is always working to add new features and you can take a look at their website for more info. It's nice to be able to search through your users as well as find tags to browse through, and being able to share these Instagram posts to any other app like Facebook or Twitter is nice and you can always download images and videos for your own use through InstaRepost as well, which is nice to see.


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