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Description: Sometimes chatting online via video calls isn't possible because you may not have a webcam, so you're left without the capability. Although most PC's and other computers come with built in webcams now, desktops generally do not because monitors tend not to have them built in. This is where DroidCamX Wireless webcam can come in handy and provide you with the ability to use your phone's rear or front facing camera as the webcam for video chatting on your desktop through services like Skype, Hangouts and other services. The app pairs together with a PC client you install and they connect together to provide you with a webcam.

How It Works: There are a couple of things you'll need to do before you can get this webcam alternative working. You'll need to download the PC client of the app from www.dev47apps.com, and then you'll also need the android app which you can grab from the Play Store.

Setup is incredibly simple. Just install the app, install the PC client, and then enter the IP address value on your computer that is listed in the app. After that hit connect and the camera will open up to act as your webcam on your computer.

You can use DroidCamX Wireless Webcam to chat inside video calls on your computer including full video and sound, all from your phones rear or front facing camera. The app is free, but if you pick up the paid version of DroidCamX Wireless WebCam you'll get support for high definition video quality.

Usage is unlimited so there is no need to worry about limits or how long you can use it for video calls. You can video chat for hours on end if you like and everything will work just as the moment you started.  You can also choose to connect two different ways to get the webcam up and running. You can connect your phones camera over the WiFi network, or you can connect via USB to establish the connection to your computer and link the camera to the chat services.

The app works where ever the WiFi signal will reach throughout your home or other location, and the app even saves battery where it can by doing things like dimming the screen. The paid version as stated above adds in the high definition video option, and also uses less network and can work efficiently on a weaker WiFi signal. You'll also get other features as well, like camera controls for flash, auto focus, zoom etc., extra windows client features, and surveillance features like IP camera/monitoring MJPEG access.

Opinion: If you're in a pinch and don't have a external webcam installed with your desktop, this serves as a pretty decent alternative in allowing you to engage in video chat and video call services from your computer using the cameras on your phone. It works well and setup was simple and rather quick. There are an ok number of features with the free version of the app, and enough to use it without being limited in functionality. The paid version does provide some nice extras though and it is a one time buy. I would also presume that the paid version gets rid of the small banner ad that you'll see at the bottom of the app, not that this is much of an issue since you're not going to be staring at your phone screen when using this anyway.


  • Speed (5/5) - while you don't really use the app on your phone for the most part, it was still super quick to set up and the few menus that you have to work with are accessible quickly.
  • Features (4/5) - Ok number of features available for free, some nice extras if you grab the paid version of the app.
  • Theme ( 3.5/5) - The overall look of the app is pretty basic looking, but this is a fine since the interface on the phone is not what you primarily deal with.
  • Overall (4/5) - Definitely a great alternative option for anyone that doesn't have a webcam hooked up to their computer or have one built in to the laptop.


  • Quick setup with easy process
  • front and rear camera usage for webcam capability
  • WiFi or USB connection capability
  • battery saving feature with screen dim
  • surveillance features with paid version along with high res video support


  • May not work well enough for people that have vga cameras on their phones

Conclusion: A great little app for anyone needing a webcam. The regular video quality will suffice but the high resolution option is great for anyone that has a camera that supports HD video on their phone. People should love the easy and quick setup and the functionality seems to work well. For those that are still worried about battery, the USB connection option will be a great option and cut down on battery usage since the phone can charge at the same time.

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