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Description: Draw! is a drawing/paint tool that allows users to easily draw and flash on the go, with intuitive control using your finger(or stylus,s-pen, direct stylus)to draw things on the screen. Draw can be a great for taking notes or just having something fun to do for your kids, nieces, or nephews etc. With the different drawing options you'll find the app great for someone who wants to draw up anything from the most wonderful illustrations to the simplest of doodles. Drawing has never been easier, or more fun. With draw you can take advantage of the color pallet to find just the right color, and utilize a handful of other tools and features within the app for a great drawing experience.

How It Works: First things first, what you'll need to do is head on over to the Play Store and download Draw! Once you've done that you can be on your way to creating a masterpiece on your phone or just simply doodle up something fun.


Draw! has tons of awesome little features that can make the drawing experience a pleasing one. With large color pallet you can easily pick just the right color from a large range of different hues thanks to the easy to use slider bar. You can also pick the width or thickness rather of the pen line so you can get things just right.

If you accidentally mess up on a color or a large section of your drawing that's not a problem as you can either simply erase it, or you can use the color dropper tool to copy the color of another area of the drawing, than just go back over the area that needs fixing.

You can easily use the ABC mode to draw letters and numbers for note instead of typing them up, or you can simply just use the regular draw mode and write quick notes for little things just like with a post-it. Once you're done, since you can share all your drawings you can share it with whoever the note is supposed to be for. Like for when you need to pick up more milk at the market.

You can easily set your canvas background color to whatever your wish, that way you always start with the correct background color for whatever it is you're going to draw. This can come in really useful as you won't have to spend the extra minute or two dragging your finger across the screen to color everything in.

You can import photos to draw on too, which is great for making little doodles on top of old photos. You can also import the photos as transparent which gives the drawing a kind of unique look compared to if you imported the image normally.

You can even draw while you're walking without fear of running into something or tripping as you step due to looking at your phone screen, as you can simply with draw with camera mode, which lets the user draw in an augmented reality type setting over whatever the camera sees. When you're done with your drawing and you want to start over, there's no need to back out as you can just flip and shake to clear the screen. If you want to store an image, everything is saved to the gallery so that you can access all your drawings, doodles, and notes any time later on.

Opinion: Draw! is a great little application for taking little notes or drawing pictures on your device any time. It's easy to use and can be quite fun. There are a decent amount of options and you even have the ability to make your color picks have a certain level of opacity so that you can make them as transparent or non transparent as you want. The drawing on top of pictures through the import feature is really cool and it's nice that you have the ability to store and share your drawings right from inside the app.


  • Speed (5/5) - I saw no issues with the app lagging or stuttering, and it seemed to open and close just fine for me throughout my time using it.
  • Features (3.5/5) - There are a decent number of features within this drawing app, but ultimately there could be more. The features that are within Draw! however are great and more than what you get with some other apps.
  • Theme (3.5/5) - The theme and styling of the app is pretty basic, but it does look quite nice and nothing has a sloppy feel to it which is a big plus.
  • Overall (4/5) - When it comes to drawing apps, while there are some out there with more features, Draw! is a simple to use and great application for either taking quick notes or drawing cool and fun stuff. There are a good number of features to keep users interested.


  • Import feature so you can draw on top of pictures from the gallery is pretty cool
  • wide color range selection with easy to use slider bars for opacity and width of the pen line, as well as a slider for the color picker
  • gesture typing through ABC mode is an easy to draw up little notes
  • Camera Mode is great if you want something for your kids to do while walking with you outside, makes it easy to see where you're going


  • Could be more features like different pen types, stamps, etc.
  • Sometimes stuff drawn on screen would end up with a slight transparency even without me messing with it

Conclusion: When it comes to drawing apps, Draw! is definitely one of the better ones that I have seen. It's free, and fun to use and it's easy on top of it. There are some really great fun features like the image importing and the camera draw mode which is kind of fun to draw over what you see through the camera. It can be great for even just writing up little notes and then sending them to people. Draw! is definitely worth giving a go.

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