Sponsored App Review: My Data Manager


Description: My Data Manager is a quaint little tool that can help you monitor and manage your data to avoid overage charges which of course nobody wants. It helps you by keeping track of your mobile data usage, and is a simple data counter that watches how much you use on a constant daily basis so that you know by the end of each day exactly how much data has been eaten up by your browsing habits, social feeds, and streaming music. Monitoring data has become an important part of having a smartphone for many people that aren’t on unlimited data plans and can run the risk of using too much data. My Data Manager can help prevent that.

How It Works: Well as always the first thing you need to do is open up the Play Store and download then install My Data Manager, after that you’re on your way to easily managing your data usage so that you can keep on top of how much you have left throughout the month.

My Data Manager

My Data Manager is easy to setup, and even prompts you to do so right after opening the app for the first time so you can get the setup portion out of the way. What’s nice though is that they give you the option to skip this step and do it later. You also have the option to set what theme you like for the overall visual UI as part of the new app update, with selections of either a light or dark theme.

My Data Manager



In the setup you’ll have the ability to set whether your plan is prepaid or a recurring monthly plan. After choosing what type of plan you have you can set all other configurations like what your data limits are, data expiration date or data renewal period for recurring plans, when your monthly allotment starts, and how much data you’ve already used.

My Data Manager

You can also set the same types of configurations for “roaming data”, and all the same parameters are there, with expiration/renewal times, limit amounts, and so on.

My Data Manager


The app also feeds you information on what apps are using what amounts of data, so you can either plan better when to use those apps to potentially cut back on mobile data use, or just keep up on what apps use which amounts.

My Data Manager

You can view your data usage in all kinds of different views. Look at your usage from a summary view, which lists off what your used amount is and how much remains in a simple “bar” graphic. You can also view your data usage in a graph, and look at it from day, week, month, or  prepaid views.

My Data Manager

You can also see on the map where you have used your mobile data, your wifi data and your roaming data, as well as set up usage alarms when you’re getting close to your limit so that you can avoid the shock of having overages hit your bills.

My Data Manager

Opinion: My Data Manager is a great tool for anyone that isn’t on an unlimited data plan and wants to keep track of their usage so they avoid overages. There are plenty of useful ways to view how and where you’re using the most data, and what apps are taking the biggest chunks. The app was easy to setup and the usage alarm is something that would come in very handy for anyone using this application. Even for those who are on unlimited data plans, My Data Manager could be used to track usage so you don’t go over a potential throttling limit.


  • Speed (5/5) – Fluid use of the app is easy to see and it was very fast and easy to setup.
  • Features (4/5) – Definitely gives the user quite a bit of useful information. The visual graphs and charts make things glancable and easy to read.
  • Theme (5/5) – Visually the app is extremely clean and very well designed with an great use of the screen space.
  • Overall  (4.5/5) – Great for anyone that either needs to keep track of their data to avoid overages, or is just curious to see how much they use throughout the month to see if unlimited data is really needed.


  • Easy to set up, fast and simple process too
  • Multiple ways to view your data usage information
  • Usage alarm to alert you when you get close to your limit
  • List of what apps use what amounts of data


  • No option to share usage statistics or link together accounts for families on share data plans

Conclusion: My Data Manager is an app that nearly everyone should be using. There are fewer and fewer tru unlimited data plans out there as many carriers have moved to tiered packages which gives users choice on what’s right for them, but a lot of times users may end up with less than they need, or simply need better management to help ensure they don’t go over. My Data Manager does a great job at keeping track of everything so you can stay under your limit. It would be nice to have an in-app share button to share usage stats with others that may be on the same plan, or a way to link users together who may be on a shared data plan so it tracks usage between all members and displays it for everyone. Aside from that this app is pretty amazing and definitely a great tool.