App Review: Beamz


Description: Beamz is an interactive music that allows for anyone of any skill level, to create awesome sounding music with just your fingertips using the song samples included with this application. Mixing music is something that normally requires plenty of practice and a fair amount of skill, but with Beamz anyone can enjoy mixing together songs using a varied amount of different instruments and sounds, to create great sounding music in just minutes. There are tons of different instruments, sound effects and full songs from popular recording artists that users can mix together to come up with their own creations, anywhere anytime on your Android phone or tablet.

How It Works: Mixing music can be fun and pretty entertaining, but before you can do that you’ll have to make your way to the Play Store and download the Beamz application.

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Beamz makes it easy to create your own music masterpieces with just some simple taps of your finger. The app supports Android phones and tablets so no matter which you use most you can be assured that the Beamz app will work.

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When you first download Beamz, there will be a couple songs included as part of the “master pack” for free, others you will have to download from the Beamz store that is within the app. There are 13 free songs that can be downloaded to make a total of 15, with the rest being a range of different costs.

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There are songs of just about every genre in the interactive music library for users to work with, including classical, pop, jazz, dubstep, rock, hiphop, blues, country, and more. Each song also has about 3 pages of different notes giving you a varied stream of selections when it comes to mixing together songs.

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Beamz also makes it easy to share your awesome creations with others like friends or family, by recording what you make and hitting the share button so other can listen to the awesome mixes that you make yourself.

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The application runs on any Android device that is on Android 4.1 or higher which is a good amount of phones and tablets, so there should be no trouble at all getting it to work your device.

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Opinion: Beamz is definitely a cool app if you enjoy creating stuff. It can be fun just to mess around but it can also play to a person’s artistic side if they actually enjoy creating great sounding music, and there are plenty of options here to help that along. Beamz also makes everything accessible so that anyone with no music skills at all can use the application, however that isn’t to say that a little fine tuning won’t be needed before you can create something that sounds completely amazing. There are decent number of free songs to use for creations from the start, then you can purchase others from the Beamz store, including hit songs from big name artists.


  • Speed (4.5/5) – besides the loading between songs, the app performs quickly and responds to touches and taps a t a fast pace
  • Features (4.5/5) – The app definitely provides a good amount of things to do for the would be song creator.
  • Theme (5/5) – The theme of the app is simple yet clean and the design makes everything easy to find and navigate to
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Using the app was quite fun and if you give it a fair amount of time you can create some truly awesome sounding stuff


  • Lots of free songs to start you out
  • Easy to use without much of a learning curve
  • Record and share creations
  • Access to hit songs from real artists
  • Huge selection of music genres


  • Having to hit the swap button to switch between pages of notes instead of scrolling made things a little more difficult

Conclusion: There is definitely enough here to create some amazing sounding stuff, whether it be just for fun or to test out your creative skills. There is nearly every genre of music so no matter what your tastes are you should be able to find something to use as a base. Having the ability to play around with actual songs from artists is a nice touch as well. If you love music and you love to create Beamz is an app worth giving a look. Users will have fun seeing what they come up with and sharing it with others.