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Description: Ambivo is a messaging app that lets you message your friends wherever and whenever you want as long as you have a data connection. Sometimes the best way to get a hold of someone is through messaging, and Ambivo provides users with a great solution to fill that role. Whether you're looking to send messages to friends or family members and whether they're right here in town or across the globe, as long as they have an Ambivo ID and a phone that can message or an internet connection to access Ambivo from the browser, you can message each other and say what needs to be said, and ensure that everyone is heard.

How It Works: To get started with Ambivo head to the Play Store and grab the download for the Ambivo messaging app, then proceed to set up your Ambivo ID so you can begin sending messages.

The best thing about the Ambivo messaging app is that anyone you message doesn't have to have the Ambivo app themselves. As long as they have an Ambivo ID like you, they can message from their phone without the app or from the browser, however if they do have the app they can still of course message that way too.

With Ambivo, instead of using your phone number to sign up the app uses your email, and messaging can be completed on any internet connected device. You can even give things a trial run to see how you like the app by logging in as a guest, no registration needed.  Ambivo can make messaging fun too, so it's not just messaging like some other apps. With its multimedia features you can send photos, videos, and voice notes to anyone you're messaging.

If you need to share something with a person that you're chatting with, you can easily do so with the file sharing features built in, allowing you to share and send files from your phones SD card, Dropbox, or the picture gallery. You can also share locations and exchange contact information, send gifts and stickers, and even send e cards.

Chatting with friends is great, but sometimes you might want to meet some new people, and that's where the street chat feature can come in. It lets you engage in conversations that are happening around you locally within a 50 mile radius, so even if you don't end up officially meeting anyone new, at the least you might get to talk with some new people.

The chat is free to use and there are no limits. Chat endlessly as much as you want free of worry or cost. Ambivo also utilizes push message notifications, so if your phone gets shut off or you lose a connection, your messages will be saved till the next time you connect.

Opinion: Ambivo seems like a great messaging app. It has lots of cool features and appears to be fairly versatile and open, allowing you to message even people who don't have the app themselves. The street chat feature was a particularly cool one as it lets you randomly(but optionally)engage in local conversations happening around you. Group conversations was another cool feature, as this is something that I'm used to now and engage in on a daily basis.


  • Speed (4/5) - It wasn't the speediest messaging app that I have ever used, but it was certainly no slouch. Most actions were fluid and quick
  • Features (5/5) - There's lots more to do than many other messaging apps. The street chat is a cool new feature that should delight many users
  • Theme (4/5) - The user interface looks good and should be pleasing to users of the app.
  • Overall (4/5) - It's good messaging app that has lots of potential, great features, and is completely free to use even with those who don't have the app.


  • Cool features like street chat and file sharing/contact sharing with people that you're chatting to
  • location share
  • map so you can see others who use the app around you
  • send stickers and e cards
  • no registration needed allowing a guest login-great for testing out the app


  • Some people may prefer to register with their phone number instead of their email

Conclusion: If you haven't quite found a messaging app that you love yet, give Ambivo a try. The street chat feature is a great way to possibly meet new friends and you can even chat with the friends you already have, just have them set up an Ambivo ID and you can chat through any internet connected device. People should love the security and privacy features allowing you to set your visibility status, and even block specific persons should the need arise. Ambivo is a great messaging app for anyone who loves to chat with groups of friends or one on one, and its completely free for life.

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