Specialty Android Wallpapers by Alex Pasquarella Served Hot and Fresh

You may or may not have heard of Alex Pasquarella before, but he's been doing some pretty killer wallpaper designs for a while now.  A couple of weeks ago we ran a story on a wallpaper app called NowPaper that features a series of wallpapers inspired by Google Now's design, and some of those wallpapers were actually designed by Alex Pasquarella.  Now we're looking at a larger portfolio of Alex's work including a number of wallpapers inspired by Motorola's designs on the Moto X and others as well.

Google Now Wallpapers

First up are the now famous Google Now wallpapers inspired by Google's design within Google Now.  These are all similar to Google's designs but with some heavy modifications and plenty of unique wallpapers too.  All of them fit well into the Google Now theme and have morning, mid-day, evening and night versions, as well as coming in at either 1080p or 4k depending on the resolution you want.  All of them are wide wallpapers and work perfectly on a home screen with multiple pages, scrolling through the wallpaper to reveal all of the beautiful scenery as you move along.


Moto Summer Wallpapers

Inspired by Motorola's downright gorgeous boot animation and subsequent wallpapers, the Moto Summer series features another very Google Now-ish looking wallpaper set with its own unique characteristics.  It also comes in a variety of colors that should be able to match any icon pack and theme you're currently rocking, and ranges in size from 720p to 4k depending on the display of the device of your choosing.


Moto Maker Collection

Moto Maker was one of the most unique ways to create your own phone from Motorola, and the wallpapers you can choose from were pretty sweet.  Unfortunately they were a bit lacking in diversity and you could only choose one color for each style, which was odd given that Motorola gave you the option to color customize every aspect of the Moto X.  Alex Pasquarella has now fixed that problem and is offering heavily modified and colored versions of some of the Moto X wallpapers to fit the style of your device.  There are 48 files in this wallpaper pack, with differing resolutions and styles to choose from.


Moto Pack

The last in the Moto series is also the most colorful, with 3D pyramid-like patterns of multi-colored goodness to behold based on Motorola styles.  These expand upon whatever is available out there from Motorola and give you a range of resolutions to choose from as well.  There are three packs to choose from, each featuring a color palette and style unique from the other packs.


Orbit Wallpapers

The first in the more unique sets of wallpapers, Orbit features a sunrise-esque design complete with three different color schemes to choose from.  Colors can be requested too, so if any of these three don't do it for you feel free to ask for more on the official page link above the image.  These only come in 1080p flavor, so if you're rocking a device with a resolution higher than this it may not be as sharp as some of the above 4K wallpapers are.


Ribbons Wallpaper

Inspired by Sense 5.0 wallpapers, these multi-colored ribbons are sure to quench your thirst for everything flat and stylish, bringing in varying shades of color in each ribbon to create a unique-looking wallpaper that's sure to grab attention.  There are 6 wallpapers to choose from here coming in a base of Black, Red, Pink, Green, Teal, and Blue.  Additional colors can be requested too, so if you want more go ahead and ask!


Swift Wallpapers

Swift is a simple abstract gradient wallpaper with what looks like brush strokes going at a diagonal down the page.  The hues represented here can be warm, cool or somewhere inbetween, and even come in more blurred flavors if you'd prefer a more toned down look to the texture.  All 6 designs come in 1080p resolution, so it's perfect for most phones out there now.

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