Sony Could Be Making Future Xperia Devices All Metal Starting in 2015

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Smartphones have come a long way not only in features and capabilities but in design and materials as well. While some companies like HTC have found that a metal device is what the people like, others still have yet to use the alloy. Sony is getting ready to launch a new approach to the Sony Xperia line of devices, this time around they’ll be all metal-according to Digitimes.

All metal devices give a device more of a “high-end” feel, even if the specs aren’t up to par. Though it’s safe to say that most metal devices are the high-end models of the particular year they’re launched during. Sony could be getting ready to change things up and use an all metal alloy chassis for their Xperia line.

In the past, Sony has used metal, however in very small amounts. The Sony Xperia devices have had a plastic chassis with metal alloy edges. This design has helped Xperia devices feel more high-end, however the demand for metal is rising. This rise in demand has caused a metal craze amongst companies. More and more rumors or announcements have suggested that companies will be or have been launching devices with more and more metal.

HTC has launched mostly metal devices in their One series. Each year, they’ve added more and more metal to their One series devices. Samsung is said to be following suit, launching the Samsung Alpha series in the second half of 2014. Though Sony may decide to hold off until their flagship release in 2015. Attached to the rumor is word that for Sony, the 2015 metal flagship device could set new standards for Sony flagship devices. It could be that starting next year, all Sony flagship devices will be made of metal.

Metal does seem to be a great way to differentiate the materials amongst the high, mid, and low-end devices. Metal for the High-end, and plastic for the mid to low end devices. What are your thoughts, do you prefer all metal or all plastic? What are the reasons behind your choice? Let us know down below or on our G+ page.