Single, Double, Triple: TapPath Gives the Choice When Browsing the Internet of Links

Remember the last time you were browsing the Internet in Chrome, the stock browser, or maybe Dolphin, Opera, Firefox, or one of the other countless options out there.  Know how some might lack a feature, while others might have it for you to enjoy, but once you set a default browser, you don't really want to bother changing it, even if it robs you of content?  That can be fixed now, thanks to Australian developer Chris Lacy and his brilliant new app, TapPath.

Interesting name, right?  It's actually essentially that simple too, the app.  You get to ,with this app, choose which path a link takes based on how you tap it, and specifically how many times you tap it.  The app, which only costs 99 cents to get and try for two hours, thanks to Google's lengthened default refund period, is simple and that's why it's genius.  You set it as your default browser, and choose which Internet browser apps to use as your single, double, and triple tap shortcuts for links to open in.  By default, if you don't own Lacy's other hit app Link Bubble, the single-tap choice is set for Chrome, if installed (likely your current default browser though).

From the menu, you can see there are the single, double and triple tap options, with the triple tap being set to be a default share-option picker, like with a photo in your gallery or an attachment in an email.  The app is genius, as it runs, once set as default, constantly, waiting for you to tap a link and count how many times you do.  So, if you happen to be like me, and own Lacy's Link Bubble app which gives you a floating 'chat head'-like browsing window over top whatever else you are doing, that browser is set as default.  And if you don't like the current browser, you can simply set your second favorite or go-to browser as a double tap, double tap the next link you were going to go tap on, and open it in the other browser,, and just carry on enjoying the Internet.

Lacy teased on his Google+ page Tuesday evening, Australia Eastern Time, leaving his fanbase to joke and guess at what the app would be and do based on the icon, leading up to its appearance on the Play Store Wednesday morning, Australian Eastern Time.  After playing with the app for a while, and especially in conjunction with Link Bubble, which is also worth picking up I might add, I see that this app, alone or in tandem with others, can and does change the entire experience of browsing the Internet, Twitter, YouTube (especially with Link Bubble for links in video descriptions), and general sphere of link-filled social media.

If you have the money, time, and Internet connection, go give the app a try and see if it revolutionizes your life or just  a handy tool to keep 'just in case'.  If you try it out, let us know what you've got it set up to make happen and what you think of it.  And don't forget to do the same for the Google Play page and a review; Lacy, like many developers, loves getting feedback on the apps he puts out for the world to use.

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