Save Bob's Life, Or Kill Him Many Times In Surgeon Simulator For Android

If you have been waiting on the hit PC simulation game Surgeon Simulator to come to Android, that day has finally come as Bossa Studios released the game this morning. We wrote about this on Sunday mentioning that Bossa had confirmed the coming Android release on August 14th, and here it is. The game is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, you'll have to simulate a surgeon and attempt to save the person(Bob)on your operating table. The idea is to try and save "Bob's" life, but we all know that in most cases that isn't at all how things will go.

Just from watching the video a few days ago when they announced the Android release, your character doesn't seem to be the best surgeon there is, and in fact playing Dr. Nigel Burke in this game I imagine is the closest one might be able to get in feeling like Dr. Nick Riviera from the Simpson's, you know, that notoriously bad surgeon that advertises on late night TV commercials and billboards. There are tons of different scenarios and things that could go wrong, and whatever you suspect might go wrong, probably will. You might save Bob sometimes, but alas... I fear that in most operations Bob will end up dying by your hand, although only after a plethora of painful accidents ensue as a direct result from you either cutting open the wrong thing, breaking bones, or perhaps even accidentally knocking things into his open chest cavity that have no business being there.

For the most part the game is all about the comedy. Sure it's fun to try and save Bob, but the hilariousness of attempting to perform an eye transplant while also performing dentist work is so out there that the only thing that can come of it is excessive laughter. Did I say excessive? I meant just the right amount, which will probably be a lot. Bossa Studios emphasizes that Nigel's "Rugged and super masculine left arm" is gone, and everything is now controlled by your fingers for a brand new control system. Basically they just took his arm out of the picture for the game to better suit the touch interface. They also point out there's now more than 50 new achievements, two new surgeries and of course a bunch of other surprises they won't say anything about because they don't want to "spoil the surprise." You can grab Surgeon Simulator for $5.99 on the Play Store now if you're interested, just be prepared to kill Bob over, and over, and over, and over....... and over again. The video below is for your viewing pleasure of course, but it is the trailer from the PC version of the game last year, the gameplay is basically the same though. Minus the left arm. That's gone, remember?

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