Samsung's Unpacked Episode 2 Event Is Official, Asks Us To "Note The Date"

Samsung Unpacked 2014 Invitation2 e1407284677443

Samsung has been all about the next big thing when it comes to marketing their devices for the last couple of years, and they continue the trend every year when they hold a new Unpacked event. Unpacked 2014 has been rumored to be about various things, like the upcoming Note 4 and a possibility that we might see Samsung show off the Galaxy Alpha. Whatever the main focal points of this years event will be, you can be certain that Samsung will make a big deal out of it. Although we hope they keep it simple this time around as they have made an elaborate show out of past events, which seems like it has caused them to lose focus on what the event is actually about which is the new devices.

This years Episode 2 of the event may still be a mystery when it comes to the finer details, but the event is now official as Samsung has started sending out the invites. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 3rd in three different locations, with Berlin as the global location, Beijing, and of course New York. There have been brief rumors about Samsung coming out with yet another wearable smartwatch and possibly sometime this year, so perhaps we’ll see something about that. As Samsung asks people to “note the date” on the event invitations though, you can bet the Note 4 will have some presence in some form there. Are you excited?