Samsung/Barnes And Noble Event On The 20th Will Detail The Co-Branded Nook

Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK


Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 may be the talk of the town when it comes to events that Samsung will be holding, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since it will most likely be the launch pad for at least one new device from the manufacturer, but they appear to be holding an event before that, coming up on August 20th in partnership with Barnes and Noble to display a tablet that the two companies are co-branding together. The tablet is called the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, and the event will take a place at a Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York.

The devices are said to go on sale this month, so the event is likely a launch event for the devices that are a mesh of both Samsung and Barnes and Noble’s efforts. The device hardware itself will be manufactured by Samsung, and Barnes and Noble will fill the device with the Nook software that can already be found in the Nook devices that they currently sell. It will come with a display size of 7-inches and will offers users a blend of the reading focused features benefits of the Nook with Samsung’s brand name hardware, giving users perhaps a better experience than previous Nook devices. Both companies will probably benefit substantially from this joint effort, as Samsung is stepping into a market where other manufacturers(particularly the ones it’s losing marketshare to in the smartphone market)have yet to venture themselves and could see increased profits from customers who are seeking out an e-reader with a more high end feel to it.

The Nook line of e-readers are decent devices and popular, although perhaps not as popular as the Kindle line of e-readers from Amazon, so a co branded Nook with the worlds leading Android manufacturer could do some good for them as well. The Co branded nook was announced by both companies a couple of months ago but so far it doesn’t seem like there have been any leaks on specs or specifics on hardware, so we don’t have an idea of just what type of display, processor, or memory we can expect to see inside of this device that is to launch in just a short couple of weeks from now.