Samsung Starts Promotional Campaign for Galaxy Note 4

August 14, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Samsung recently announced its premium built Galaxy Alpha device and they basically immediately jumped to promoting Galaxy Note 4 phablet. As you probably already know, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to launch September 3rd at IFA in Berlin. Samsung already scheduled an “Unpacked” even where the device should launch. They might launch additional devices there though, like the recently talked about European version of Galaxy S5 LTE-A or perhaps Gear Solo smartwatch. Anyhow, Samsung has already started promoting Galaxy Note 4, even before officially announcing it.

Digital World shared pictures of Samsung’s public banners which are located in the streets of Beijing Chang’an Avenue. They are openly advertising Galaxy Note 4, you can see both a simple inaccurate image of the device and the name of it as well in these banners. Check them out in the gallery below. Samsung’s official Weibo account was also active when it comes to this and reminded everyone the phablet is coming. Samsung’s official product campaign page however released a video where a virtual render of Galaxy Note 3 playbacks the ad (note that playback might be extremely slow though, it took forever for it to load and play through). Galaxy Note 3 is actually advertised in most of that video, except for the last few seconds where Samsung Note 4 is steps into the spotlight and reminds you it will launch soon.

Galaxy Note 4 is expected to launch on September 3rd as part of this year’s IFA in Berlin. Samsung already scheduled its “Unpacked” event for that date. The device is expected to sport a 5.7″ QHD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor (they will probably opt for Exynos 5433 version as well), 4GB of RAM and a 16MP main camera sporting ISOCELL sensors, at least according to G4Games. We haven’t seen much specifications leak for this device though, the only somewhat legit leak was the aforementioned Snapdragon 805 chip.

September 3rd is about half a month away, in other words it will come knocking really soon and along with it the Galaxy Note 4 as well. Hopefully the device images that leaked recently (which you can also find in the gallery below) are credible considering they look rather well in my opinion. If Note 4 really comes with a Galaxy Alpha-like metallic trim, that would be at least a small step in the right direction by Samsung considering it would make it a bit more elegant and yet not too different than it was thus far.