Samsung May Ditch the Samsung Z and Use Tizen on Low-End Phones

Samsung Tizen Z Phone



You would think that with Samsung having so much trouble getting a Tizen smartphone launched – the infamous Samsung Z – that they would abandon the scenario and simply stick with Android, but we all know just how stubborn Samsung can be.  The latest word we have received is that Samsung is going to abandon the high-end Samsung Z – the first commercially available Tizen smartphone – and strictly focus their homegrown Tizen operating system on low-end devices to combat the likes of Xiaomi in China…for now.

With delays in both Japan and Russia on the launch of the Samsung Z’s release due to a poor ecosystem – read that only a small number of Apps available –  or as J.D. Choi, Samsung’s chief on the Tizen project put it, “the smartphone will appear on the Russian market later, when we can offer our users a fullest portfolio of applications”- going the route of a low-end device may be the correct scenario for Samsung to take at this juncture.  Samsung has been displaced as the number one smartphone seller in China and India, where they find it increasingly difficult to compete in the low-end range hardware – this is their own doing as Android alone runs quite well on devices with 256MB of RAM, but once Samsung adds their heavily skinned TouchWiz on top of Android, they need more memory and a faster processor than a low-end device affords.  Tizen is capable of running easily on 256MB and would allow Samsung to make a low-end device that could be competitively priced for the Asian market and other emerging nations.

Another way Samsung is looking at it – budget phone buyers spend less money on apps and this would give developers time to write Tizen apps and grow their library before trying to launch a high-end device, like the Samsung Z, into the main market.  It would give more time for that ecosystem to mature and in turn would make Tizen more acceptable among mainstream buyers.  It would also acclimate users to the name Tizen  and allow a period of ‘comfort’ to evolve before they spring it on the techie world.  We are already aware of the name – but have not embraced it – as Samsung has chosen to use Tizen on their wearable devices – Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit…only the Gear Live uses Android’s own Android Wear OS.

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