Samsung Is Making An Ultrasonic Cover For The Galaxy Note 4 To Help The Visually Impaired

AH Samsung Galaxy Note Note 3 Logo

Samsung is no stranger to launching specially branded accessories for their phones. More so for the flagships like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series, but you get the point. Samsung usually launches a ton of accessories for their products, and the Note 4 will of course see the same treatment, as if anyone had any doubt that it would. While we’re surely going to see some sort of Flipview cover for the Galaxy Note 4 once it launches or shortly there after, a more useful accessory to those who are visually impaired looks to be headed towards the market. An ultrasonic cover.

The cover is said to provide feedback to the person using the phone, with the cover detecting objects in front of them so they can have an easier time getting around. The cover reportedly has an embedded ultrasonic sensor that detects objects in front of the individual in varying short, medium, and long range distances, depending on the person’s needs for detection. Short of just being plain cool, this could help many people that are visually impaired navigate potentially crowded areas with more ease, which is something to be excited about. Samsung points out that the as the user modifies or sets the range of the Ultrasonic signal feedback to a further length or distance, the detected area becomes smaller or narrower.

Samsung is also keen on pointing out that first and foremost they want to keep people up to speed on the proper use cases for such an accessory as this. In short, they have created this accessory as an intention of being a tool to be used in addition to another form of mobility tool, like a cane or a guide dog for example. They make note that the ultrasonic cover is not to be expected as a replacement for these things as it cannot provide adequate use to someone who is visually impaired all by itself. Even with that being the case, it should still help to enhance the mobility experience for anyone who would have need of an accessory like this. There’s a good chance we’ll see this shown off at Unpacked 2014 Ep 2 which is just around the corner on September 3rd. Also expected to be there is obviously the Galaxy Note 4 itself, and another hot topic accessory that Samsung has in the works, the Gear VR virtual reality gaming headset.