Samsung Galaxy Note to be Announced on Sep. 3rd, But When Can You Buy One?

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When companies like Samsung and HTC announce their new devices you usually expect a bit of time before you can get your hands on the device. Sometimes it takes only hours, while other times it could be months, it’s always different. For example, Samsung recently sent out invites for the next “UnPacked” event on September 3rd. The invitation makes it obvious that Samsung will be releasing the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note family-the Galaxy Note 4. The invite says, “Note The Date!” However, there is no mention of when the Note 4 will be available to own, instead, rumors have that aspect covered.

A tipster has let it slip that the amount of time consumers will have to wait to own the Galaxy Note 4 after it’s been officially announced will very short. They way this tipster has obtained this info is straight from Samsung themselves, in an email with black out periods for employees. The black-out periods are between September 3rd through the 5th and then again on the 15th through the 28th. The latter is more than likely the release week for the Galaxy Note 4. This rumor suggests that the wait time for the Galaxy Note 4 after official announcements are finished, will be less than two weeks.

This timeframe is nothing more than a rumor, but if it’s correct it shows that Samsung is working up to an HTC style announcement and release date. Earlier this year HTC announced and launched the HTC One M8 on the same day. The M8 wasn’t available everywhere, and in the US only on certain carriers, but still, that’s the best time we’ve seen so far. Now, this timeframe for the release of the Galaxy Note 4 is not confirmed by any means. Even if they have announced these dates to employees, it can change at any time, or even be the incorrect times. This is just a rumor, and needs to be noted as such. What do you think about the turn around time from announcement to availability, do you think it should be the same day through and through, or do you not mind a brief waiting period? Let us know down below or on our G+ page.