Samsung Focuses on the S-Pen in Latest Galaxy Note 4 Teaser

August 25, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


There’s no denying that Samsung is one of the biggest names when it comes to the smartphone business these days and of course, at the top of the hill when it comes to Android. While there are many uses out there that will valiantly tell you anything Samsung produces is the best, that’s not always the case. One area in which Samsung has always been undefeated of course is with their Galaxy Note line, the company that practically invented large devices for more than just the sake of it still produce some of the best large devices out there and if you want a big smartphone with lots of capabilities to match, the Galaxy Note is that smartphone.

In my eyes, the main reason why the Galaxy Note line has proven so successful for Samsung is their innovative S-Pen. The digital version of our everyday writing tool helped make the large form factor make sense and with the Galaxy Note 3, it’s more powerful and useful than it’s ever been, thanks to the introduction of things like Air Command. It’s the S-Pen that Samsung has focused on in their in their latest teaser for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. In their latest video, Samsung focus on tools and how they’ve made humanity so, well, human. Obviously, the point Samsung is going for here is that the Galaxy Note line gives its users even more tools than other smartphones out there, and who are we to argue with them?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 (along with perhaps some other surprises) are to be announced during their IFA conference which is scheduled for September 3rd in Berlin. So far, we’ve heard that the Galaxy Note 4 is to feature a 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 display with a Snapdragon 805 and Samsung’s latest Exynos CPU for certain markets. Other specs include a 16-megapixel camera and the possibility of 4GB of memory, but we’re skeptical at best for such a dizzying amount of RAM in a smartphone. What are you looking forward to most with the announcement of the Galaxy Note 4?