Samsung Is Coming Out With A Multi-Charging USB Cable For Juicing Up To Three Devices

As amazing as all the devices and tech gadgets we have access to today can be, the one glaring problem that can sometimes plague our experiences is charging those devices and products. Things have been much easier over the years since the charging connections have been standardized across virtually everything but iPhones, as devices now all utilize the microUSB standard for charging ports. You'll find the microUSB connection on every single Android phone and tablet that you can buy on the market today, but the issue still remains that if you have many devices, you're also going to need many chargers and charging cables. There are tools to help consolidate things though, and one such new tool comes to us from Samsung, with their new three headed USB charger.

What do I mean by three headed? Quite simply put it has three microUSB connectors on one side and only one USB male connector on the other, basically merging three chargers into one. While this cable does lessen the amount of charge that each device will receive if all three plugs are being used, the power according to Samsung is distributed evenly across all devices so one doesn't charge quicker than the other, minus the amount of time needed based on varied battery sizes of course. If you're only charging one or two devices for example, you'll get the maximum or half the maximum of charge speed sent out to the devices respectively. The charge is also a 2A charge so even though the power will be split up evenly across devices, it should still charge faster than some older single USB chargers, optimizing everything for you.

Since this is essentially one USB cable, you'd be cutting the amount of chargers and USB ac adapters that you'd need to have plugged in to outlets or surge protectors, something that I'm finding would be of great use personally in my household. We have one surge protector on the end of the living room where we plug things in, and while there are a great many outlets on it, we actually have like 6 chargers plugged into it, and that's a whole lot of cables which can get annoying and cause frustration when trying to untangle them. Something like this could cut us down to two cables from six, which sounds increasingly appealing. The cable will set consumers back $39.99 but for now Samsung is only allowing pre-orders as they haven't launched it just yet. You can however pick them up on Amazon so if you're a Prime member you'll get them quickly once they are made available. It isn't as easy as wireless charging, but until there is a cost effective way to charge multiple devices on one wireless charger(also providing every device you need to juice has wireless charging built in)this could serve as a great alternative to cable consolidation and move you towards a wire free environment as much as possible.

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