Rumors Of The Razer Nabu Launch Suggest Q4 Release Time-Frame


In a sea of budding wearables and many options for consumers, the Razer Nabu provides a fitness focused choice to gamers. The Nabu smartband promises to bring some pretty awesome functionality to those who want a fitness band and wearable that can provide them with notifications of missed calls, emails and text messages on the fly. For all it seeks to give though we’re still having to wait a little bit longer it seems like before we get a chance to test one for ourselves. Although the device won’t be strictly for gamers,(anyone looking for a wearable can use it)it’ll obviously have the most use for people that play games but also want to stay active and social within the accompanying community. Razer is a gaming brand after all, so there will definitely be some social gaming community tie ins.

According to the source, the Razer Nabu smartband is looking at a potential end of the year release, after having only recently gone into its closed beta within the last month. There was a time that we might have seen the Razer Nabu smartband launch a few months ago, but Razer pushed back the production and release to address a couple of concerns they had. One being that they didn’t want to run into the same hypoallergenic problem that Fitbit ran into with their own wearable, secondly having ample time to go through the beta and find and squash any bugs that may have come up, which they’re doing currently. The Nabu smartband was announced at CES back in January and since then it has likely captured the attention of many gamers looking for a way to stay connected without having to touch their phone.

While those interested in the Razer Nabu will probably wait patiently for its arrival, an end of 2014 launch of the smartband is only a rumor at this point and hasn’t been confirmed by Razer just yet. News of the Q4 release comes by way of digitimes. Hopefully the launch is sooner than later, not just for the consumers who want the Razer Nabu but also for Razer, who stands to make more sales if it’s available before the biggest shopping day of the year.