Rumor: HTC To Work With Bose In Order To Shrink Speakers To Increase Display Size [Updated]

August 6, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

I believe most of you will agree when I say that HTC is making really great devices nowadays. Unfortunately though, they’re still having issues making when it comes to selling those devices on a large enough scale and generating enough profit. They managed to generate $76.5 million in operating profit in Q2 2014 which was their first profit in about a year. They’re losing money in Q3 though, at least thus far. This was somewhat expected, which is a shame for HTC. We’ll see how the rest of the Q3 pans out, but it doesn’t look good. What helped most when it comes to generating profit in the second quarter is their HTC One (M8) flagship device. This 5″ 1080p beast with a Snapdragon 801, 2GB of RAM and BoomSound speakers among other goodies actually gained some decent selling numbers, enough for HTC to finally make a profit. Their flagship isn’t so new any longer and that is one of the main reason why its sales have somewhat stalled.

It seems like HTC is trying to make their upcoming device(s) even better in order to attract consumers and sell as many units as possible. People still have complaints when ti comes to HTC’s flagship (and some other HTC phones of course), its 4MP UltraPixel camera is not as good as some people would like despite the fact we’re talking about 2 sensors (depth perception) and the fact that it produces rather solid images in low light situations. I guess the problem lies mainly in the megapixel count which is too low for some. This is the main complaint I’ve heard over and over again, other than that many people would prefer slimmer bezels on the HTC One (M8), especially the top and the bottom one which are rather thick.

It is rumored that HTC is about to work with Bose, a company which specializes in audio equipment. Bose is expected to help HTC reduce the size of their stereo BoomSound speakers which are located on the top and the bottom of the device and by doing that shrink those bezels a bit. Alongside making those speakers smaller Bose is expected to help HTC when it comes to speakers quality as well, in order for HTC to bring a new generation of BoomSound speakers in their future “One” devices, and some other devices of course. HTC is rather familiar with audio partnerships, they’ve been in bed with Beats for along time and have recently released a Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One (M8). If its true this might be an important step for HTC considering that they really could shrink those bezels and if you look at the competition that might be a crucial thing when it comes to sales. They already have an amazing speaker set when it comes to smartphones, probably the best one out there, but it would be great if they could improve on that.

Update: Bose has gotten in contact with us to inform us that they are not working with HTC on speakers for future smartphones and tablets. Here’s their statement “Bose is not working with HTC on speakers for their phones.”