Rumor: HTC To Launch 'Premium Phablet' In November


Since the renowned tech tipster @evleaks announced his early retirement a few weeks ago all eyes have turned towards @upleaks to provide all the gossip and so far @upleaks has rose to the occasion. Over the last few weeks @upleaks has consistently provided us with leaks and one in particular has started to attract a large degree of attention.

A couple of weeks ago we reported @upleaks released a number of specs for the upcoming HTC T1 which also goes by the codenames 'Flounder' and 'Volantis'. The leak consisted of a number of supposed specs suggested the device would include a 64-bit Tegra Processor, 4GB RAM and a Qualcomm LTE Modem. The leak also suggested the T1 would include a rear 8MP camera and a 1.2MP front camera. Adding to this, within the last twenty four hours @upleaks also provided us with further information on the T1 including leaked details of the device's accessories and launch countries. To be fair every day we hear details of 'new' leaks and information regarding soon-to-be devices, but what has attracted much attention to this particular device is its association with Google. In particular, the specs and rumors are highly suggesting the T1 may in fact be the next Nexus device, the Nexus 8. Of course, at the moment these are just rumors, but the supposed specs such as an 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera do suggest this device is more likely to be tablet based than phone based. Now whether this is actually the next Nexus no-one will know for sure until it is officially announced by either HTC or Google. However In the last few hours @upleaks has thrown another rumor-spanner into the works. A very ominous tweet sent by the tipster clearly indicates that the next HTC "Premium" phablet will not launch at IFA but instead will be released in November.


If the rumours are to be believed that the T1 is the new Nexus 8 then what could a possible 'premium phablet' be? It has always been expected that Google would not launch any Nexus devices before the release of Android L which is expected in late October and so this would fall in line with such a time-frame. This suggests there are a number of possible outcomes to the latest @upleaks rumor. Either the T1 is not the Nexus 8 and instead is simply an HTC phablet or more interestingly HTC may be launching both a 'premium' phablet and the Nexus 8 within quick succession. Another interesting rumor to bear in mind is that Motorola is 'apparently' building the Nexus 6 (codenamed Shamu) which is expected to be released around the same time. Is it possible that HTC could actually be building both the Nexus 8 and the Nexus 6 (premium phablet)? Whichever rumor is true all that we can be sure of is if HTC release a premium phablet in November it will probably be running on Android L. Beyond this we will have to wait until November for concrete facts unless of course @upleaks tells us more!

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