Rove Is A Digital Journal That Auto Logs Your Day

Journals and diary's are something that people have been keeping for a long time, and as we have moved forward and technology with us, so to have journals and diary's. We recently wrote about another journal application called Journey which lets you store your journal entries digitally within the app inside of your phone or tablet, and it even had some pretty cool little features to it that make it one of the better applications in that space. Now it has a contender, called Rove, that might actually be somewhat better, although we suppose that decision lies in the hands of the user and not ourselves, since it will come down to what you want in features.

Rove is such an app that basically logs information about you the way you would do yourself by writing it down in a journal, like location, the dates, and the pictures you might take when at certain locations during use of the app. It then takes this logged information and can present it back to you for viewing later on if you're feeling particularly nostalgic and just need a dose of some good memories. It does everything pretty much automatically, minus the photos part, you have to handle that. As for all of the information though, Rove can log your entire day so it can feed it back to you in an enjoyable Journal like feel, and you can even share the best of all those logged moments with friends.

All the data is kept 100% private according to the team at Rove, and they state that only the user can see their personal data. Throughout all your logged memories you can add notes and curate the photos so to make each entry as memorable as possible. Perhaps you don't keep a journal, simply because you just don't want to lug around an actual journal and a pen, plus there's the act of having to write all kinds of stuff down right? Well if you like the idea of a personal journal but don't care to write up everything about where you've been and when you were there, Rove can at least handle a good portion of those tasks for you, and you can simply fill in the blanks. Rove is free, and you can grab it from the link here and start logging your adventures.

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