Rhapsody and EXFM to Join Forces, Form Ultimate Streaming Music Service


For the last 4 years EXFM ran a wholly unique music streaming service that essentially went out to blogs, found MP3s that were shared, and automatically downloaded and added them to its streaming service.  This way it had an absolutely massive library of free songs that featured just about anything you could think of, but the cost of running the service ended up being too much for EXFM to handle.  Back in December 2013 the company announced that it would be closing its doors, and users had until January 15th to get all their stuff or forever lose it.  However since January EXFM had been teasing some big upcoming news on the blog that it still kept open, and now we know what they’d been working on.

Rhapsody, the world’s first music streaming service and the one with the largest library of all, has made a decision to purchase EXFM and its music hunting technology, and will integrate EXFM’s technology into its service in the near future.  Right now Rhapsody isn’t the most subscribed to platform out there, but as any good company does it’s trying its hardest.  Recently Rhapsody partnered with T-Mobile to bring T-Mobile subscribers unRadio, a music streaming service that costs a pultry $4 per month, features over 30 million songs to stream ad-free, and doesn’t count toward your monthly data usage counts.

Now with EXFM technology, Rhapsody could grow even bigger in a very quick way.  While the announcement is a little light on details, we imagine that Rhapsody will leverage EXFM’s large library of tunes to expand its already massive library and bring users the best listening experience possible.  The new partnership is planning new stuff for all major mobile platforms and promises to deliver something amazing, and we definitely expect it judging on what’s gone on in the past with EXFM.  We’ll keep you posted as we hear more info later into the year.