Redesigned Google Play Store with Material Design Finally Rolling out to Everyone

Google Play Material AH 1

A few weeks ago, a new version of the Google Play Store started rolling out slowly. So most of us have probably been using the updated Google Play Store for a while now, thanks to sideloading the update. But for those that had been waiting for the update, well it’s here. I noticed it came in this morning on the HTC One Remix, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport. There’s nothing really changed compared to the APK we posted a few weeks ago.

Here we have a redesigned App listing page, and that’s about it. It’s now in material design, and damn does it look good. At the top, you’ll see a video for the app if the developer has one. Followed by the name, developer name, and options to install, update, uninstall, open, etc.Below that is the badge for the number of downloads as well as the average rating, category and others who have +1’d it. Then there’s the What’s New and Description followed by screenshots. Below the reviews we’ve got the share and +1 buttons. I know a lot of people were wondering where those went with this update, but they are now toward the bottom of the page. It looks really nice.

The update does look great, and I can’t wait to see how the Play Store will look when it’s fully converted over to Material Design, as well as all the other Google apps out there. I have been using this update on my LG G3 since we first posted it a few weeks ago, but its great to see it heading out to all the others that haven’t sideloaded the update, you know the “average consumers”. What does everyone think of the update? A big upgrade right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.