Quick Circle Apps Brings more Apps to the LG Quick Circle Case

LG Quick Circle Case AH Review 2

One of the more interesting features of the LG G3 is the Quick Circle case. I reviewed it about  a month ago. It is a pretty neat little flip cover, and I’d argue that it’s better than Samsung’s S View Cover. But up until now there really weren’t any apps available for the Quick Circle cover, even though the cover does have a few apps from LG built in and the SDK is available.

Now we have Quick Circle Apps in the Play Store, which brings a lot more control and apps to the Quick circle case. Here are some of the apps it brings; Quick Torch – torch application for Quick Circle and regular torch app. Quick Music – music application for Quick Circle that enables you to use any music player (unlike LG’s one). Quick Calendar – show your next events in the Quick Circle. Quick Notifications – mirror your notification, so you’ll be able to see them without unlocking. Quick Toggles – Control your Wifi, Mobile data, Brightness… without unlocking.  Quick Stopwatch – Count time with one click. Quick Calculator – Calculate stuff fast.

So now with Quick Circle apps you can do all kinds of things right from the little window in the case on your phone. Which is pretty cool, and most people would call it a gimmick. Which for some it might be, but that still doesn’t take the cool factor away. And I’m sure plenty of people will use this app to show off the Quick Circle case to their friends.

The app is available in the Play Store now, it is free as expected. It also only works with the LG G3 and G2, according to the list of devices on my account and the ones that are compatible. Which it’s great that the LG G2 has compatibility, even though the case doesn’t fit the LG G2.