Popcorn Time Gets VPN Support And Improved Chromecast Streaming In Beta 2.1

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The Popcorn Time app for Android that’s developed by the team at Time4Popcorn, has just upped their game as the app has some great new features. If you like getting your movies to your TV by streaming them but you aren’t in the position to subscribe to Netflix or if it just doesn’t have what you’re looking for, Popcorn Time may be an app worth looking into for you. The app was recently updated in the past with support for streaming to the Chromecast device, making the act of watching movies and TV shows using the app that much easier due to the streaming support to the big screen.

The latest update adds in something that might be even more useful, which is VPN support. VPN stands for virtual private network, and basically setting up a VPN can pretty much mask all your torrent downloading. If you’re downloading and streaming shows and movies a lot, this is likely a feature you’ll be happy about, and it’s also a feature that you should embrace. This update brings Popcorn Time up to beta version 2.1, so if you’re using the app and aren’t on that build yet, you still need to update. Beta 2.1 brings other good tidings, like the ability to work with more devices than before. Yes, Popcorn Time is now compatible with even more devices, making it even more versatile. The team at Time4Popcorn seems to be a friendly bunch and they want to share the love with as many people as they can.

Specifically speaking, anyone that is running Android 4.0 plus can now use Popcorn Time, which means anyone on Ice Cream Sandwich forward. This is a huge step above the prior limitation of Jelly Bean 4.2 and above, but that’s all in the past now isn’t it? What time is it? Popcorn Time. So make some real popcorn and kickback. If you were using the app before now you may have noticed that Chromecast streaming was a little less than what you may have expected, that isn’t to say that it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. Movies also took rather quite long to load, and the good news is that Time4Popcorn has worked hard to improve Popcorn Time in these areas specifically, stating that movie load times have been improved for faster loading, and that the Chromecast streaming experience is overall improved and more smooth. You can grab the app from the source link below if you wish, but be aware of the regulations in your area about using such a service.