Pebble Hires Two Former LG Employees Working With WebOS TV For Future Designs


Smartwatches may still have a ways to go for some, but Pebble isn’t waiting around to see what the rest of the competition does to bring consumers the perfect wearable. Android Wear is new and there may be just two watches out on the market that run the OS, but the Moto 360 is right around the corner bringing the total number to three, and LG is already rumored to be in late development on their second iteration of the G Watch 2, all with more than promising first run results. Pebble is easily one of the more popular smartwatches out there but with a handful of Android Wear smartwatches likely to be out before year’s end, it seems they are feeling compelled to compete a little harder for those consumers looking for a more advanced user experience with their smartwatches.

To accomplish this, the team at Pebble has apparently hired on two people that had previously worked for LG developing WebOS TV for their smart TVs, and prior to that they had both been working on WebOS while HP still had ownership. Itai Vonshak will be their new head of product and UX, and taking over the role for the head of design will be Liron Damir. For now Pebble smartwatches have remained simplistic in their user interface, providing watchface displays with no color and limited graphical design for consumers to interact with. They’re certainly a far cry from the types of things you can do with other smartwatches like Samsung’s Gear 2, but then again Pebble seems fine with that to some degree and they have gained a pretty loyal following of users.

It would seem however that they’re keen on potentially giving users a more advanced option than the currently available Pebble original and Pebble Steel. What they plan to do to compete is unknown at this time but if they have plans on taking Android Wear, Samsung’s Tizen interface, and whatever Apple has going head on than what would be most likely would be a smartwatch UX that offers a full color display and possibly more features. We may even see a new Pebble that can do things like take pictures and play music, quite honestly, it could be anything at this point. Whatever Pebble’s plans are though, they’re sure to be exciting.