Paranoid Android Releases Their Build For The 4.5 Beta 2

August 12, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

As always, the team at Paranoid Android seems to have been hard at work getting the next build of the beta complete. Not too long ago they finally introduced Paranoid Android 4.5 beta 1, bringing the much anticipated new recents menu to the beta testers out there that didn’t want to mess with things in the Alpha. There were some other minor changes as well like the update to theme engine, some bug fixes and improvements too. Now PA has released the latest version of their beta ROM, Paranoid Android 4.5 beta 2, improving upon the great stuff they brought to the beta users just a couple of weeks ago.

For those looking to get their hands on this latest beta build, you only need go so far as to visit the Paranoid Android website and download the required zip files. The process is even simpler of course for anyone that is already running Paranoid Android’s latest ROMs, as the Paranoid OTA application takes care of all your update notifications whenever a new version of the ROM is out, and also handles the downloads so you can do everything you need right from the handset. It really is that easy.

So what’s new in this latest update? Well lets go over the less exciting stuff first. Once again PA has made some changes to the theme engine, rather theme engine changes have been merged. Along with the theme changes, they have made it so that the calculator app is themeable, something that many users and creators of themes alike should be able to appreciate. Even though I personally don’t use the calculator app too often on my device, it’ll be a nice change to see themed calculators for the times that I do. The most notable change in this latest beta update is the improved visuals to the recents menu. The design is still the Android L inspired design that we saw in beta 1, but has been refined and polished for an overall more visually appealing look. The team at PA also points out that the recents menu is now easier to navigate, which is definitely something to look forward to if you’re installing this update. Flash responsibly and Stay Paranoid!