OtterBox Infographic: How a Case=Cash When Selling your Device


If you purchased a case for your new smartphone then you are in the majority of consumers, where 75-percent buy a case and only 25-percent, or a fourth of us, do not.  And of those 25-percent that do not buy a case, 70-percent are Android users and only 20-percent own an iPhone - reasons they do not buy a case: Android users believe they will never drop their phone and iPhone users think that a case would make it too bulky.  When it comes to buying cases, iPhone users have a much larger selection since there is only ONE design, making it easier on the manufacturers, whereas with Android devices there are many brands and styles of phones - a literal nightmare for case designers and manufacturers.  While Android users were more practical with their case purchase, an iPhone user is apt to have more than more case to make a fashion statement.

One of the best-known manufacturers of cases is OtterBox - a privately owned company founded in 1998 and based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Originally they manufactured waterproof boxes and device specific smartphone and tablet cases for outdoor enthusiasts, but now specialize in protective cases for smartphones - waterproof and not.  It's true that OtterBox makes some of the bulkier cases - they have to be in order to protect from extreme drops and water, however, they also make some thinner, more attractive cases now was well.  Whatever case you are comfortable with, OtterBox sent out an infographic to tell us that by protecting your device with a case will 'pay off' big time when you go to sell it or trade it in when you upgrade.

For example, a Samsung Galaxy S5 in Excellent condition will fetch you an average of $218 - in Good condition you could expect to receive $196 - but in Poor condition, you would only get $60...quite a difference and certainly worth the price of a case.  In another example, we have a Galaxy S4: Excellent condition is $139 - Good condition drops to $93 - and Poor will only fetch you $28.  Again, the price of a case is well worth the trade-in or increased selling potential for your device as most of the degradation is caused by cosmetic looks, which a case protects.

One of the sections of the infographic asks the question, "How Smart Are Smartphone Users?"  According to their statistics, 60-percent of the owners are aware of device trade-in options.  55-percent plan to trade-in on their next upgrade and 13-percent traded in their last mobile device.  30-percent would actually switch carriers for a better trade-in deal and 62-percent said they would switch retailers for a better trade-in deal.

OtterBox puts out several products for your smartphone's protection: Preserver Series offer Waterproof and Drop Proof protection - Defender Series gives you Drop and Dust Proof protection - Resurgence Power Case adds Power and Trusted Protection - Symmetry Series is for the Stylish, but still adds Trusted Protection - Commuter Series offers a Slim case and Trusted Protection - and their newest product, Alpha Glass, a screen protector that adds Anti-Shatter protection.

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