Order and Chaos Turns 3, Brings Update With Plenty Of New Content To Celebrate

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Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Online has been the definitive MMORPG experience on Android since it launched, and while there have been a good number of games to enter in to the same genre space since then, few if any have been able to measure up to the popularity and the type of content that Order and Chaos has been providing for mobile gamers for the last few years. There have been lots of updates with new content patches that have added all kinds of new features and even some new character classes to play, but nothing is as exciting as hearing that the best MMO on Android is now going to cost nothing. Not one cent.

As a little background for anyone that may be new to gaming on Android or just haven’t check out Order and Chaos yet, it’s an MMO that can best be described as a comparison to World of Warcraft in gameplay type, and is the closest comparison to quality of content on a mobile experience. When it launched it had a subscription fee associated with it to play, which was on a monthly basis, but Gameloft had since done away with it as of a couple of years ago. Now, with the latest update that just newly launched for the game, Android gamers will now be able to experience Order and Chaos Online for no cost at all, even up front, as the game will be free to download and play.

Order and Chaos had previously cost $6.99 and some months ago the team at Gameloft had dropped the price of the game to just a mere $0.99 which made it a complete steal if you love the MMO genre. All those quests, battles, dungeons and raids for just a buck, and play time with no monthly sub fees. Now that it’s free, anyone who may have been holding out can give it a go without feeling the risk of losing out on money if they don’t like the game. The update doesn’t just include the price drop though, there’s new content too, like a brand new PvP battlefield with intense 2v2 and 4v4 challenges and capture the flag modes. There’s also the addition of leagues. Players can now join leagues and compete for victory against other leagues and climb the ranks of the leaderboards. For the collectors, there’s new mounts and new anniversary pets, and of course some shiny new battle suits. Lastly there’s new events to help commemorate the third anniversary of the game’s launch, which includes Haradon Day and the annual Magpie Festival. There’s plenty to keep seasoned players entertained and now even more to entice new players. Grab the game here and make sure to carve out a decent chunk of space to store it.