OnePlus Is Looking To Hire An Executive To head Up India Market Operations

OnePlus One Logo

OnePlus has had quite an interesting ride in its first few months since the official launch of the One, even if the availability has been stifled by invite requirements, and contests that caused more outrage than excitement. Despite these setbacks however, OnePlus has succeeded in getting their name out there on a viral level, and you know what they say, any press is good press. The success of OnePlus is believed by some to be a short lived success, and that it could be caused by the decisions that have been made during these first few months to promote the phone. The new company still has a large following however and many tech sites as well as individuals will claim that they absolutely love the device, although not necessarily the practices of the company.

OnePlus may not have been completely sure of their success themselves prior to releasing the One, but things are clear now for the company that they want to continue forward, and their next step seems to be entering the Indian market, which could be a wise choice considering the billions of people that live there, which means potentially billions of customers. OnePlus had mentioned previously that they had an interest in expanding into India, and now it seems that they’re taking the steps to get there by posting that they’re on the lookout for an area Executive who could lead the charge inside of India and run operations.

OnePlus is reaching out on their forums and letting people know what they want out of applicants. OnePlus sees the Indian market as an exciting new venture and they want to make sure that whoever takes up the role there will be able to handle things. Some obvious requirements are that the person needs to be fluent in English, Hindi, and Tamil, and have an intimate understanding of India’s unique geographies and cultures. 6+years of general management experience is also something that they’re looking for, and they absolutely have to be a tech enthusiast that is familiar with the mobile trends not just in general but in the market they’ll be running operations for. You can check out the job posting below at the source link on OnePlus’s careers board. Anyone looking for a job?