One Plus One Battery Apparently Blows Up In Users Pocket

It's easy to forget that our smartphones could be very dangerous thanks to the battery that powers them. Like any form of energy, they could explode if the right (or wrong) circumstances come together. Unfortunately for a One Plus One user, the circumstances lined up and his device blew up while in his back pocket.

Devices blowing up or catching fire has become a more prevalent fear of smartphone users everywhere. This is of course thanks to a few select instances that have raised awareness about the constant threat we hold to our heads multiple times a day. One instance some of you may remember is the Samsung Galaxy S4 devices that caught fire. While this has seemed to happen a few too many times for Samsung, it was found that the cause was third party chargers being used. The reason behind the Samsung fires could be too much power entering the battery at once. The overload causes an extreme level of heat, and the next thing you know-fire. Some instances were caused by a third party battery in the S4's. This is why it's highly recommended to not use third party chargers or batteries with your devices. They may be cheaper, but there's a reason they're cheap.

Still, for the user of the One Plus One, third party chargers, or batteries are not to blame. The user only known by his One Plus One forum screen name, MiYzu, claims the device blew up randomly. MiYzu says as he was walking in the subway his device just exploded while it was in his back pocket. The explosion caused complete destruction of the device, as well as a minor skin burn. After his post gained the attention of officials at One Plus, they suggested MiYzu open a support ticket, and promised to push it through the system. Though there was more history to the story.

MiYzu points out that he had issues with his One Plus One before where the device seemed to get too hot while charging. The answer to this issue almost a month ago from One Plus was that it's normal for a device to get warm while charging. MiYzu notes that he wasn't using any third party chargers then, and wasn't when the device blew up. Check out the gallery below for all of the images of the device after it blew up as well as the minor burn.

There hasn't been any further updates to the story. Certainly One Plus will replace the device and possibly some extra gifts. This is also the first instance this has happened to a One Plus One device. If you're a One Plus One owner, please be aware of the warning sign that comes in the form of a fast heating device while charging.

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