Omate Set to Launch New Smart Watch, The Omate X


Omate is a company that got it’s start on Kickstarter with their first smartwatch, the TrueSmart. TrueSmart was the most powerful smartwatch of its time. Now, Omate is hinting at yet another smartwatch to their original backers on Kickstarter- the Omate X.

Omate has released a teaser for their upcoming smartwatch, the Omate X. According to the teaser, the smartwatch will be launched on September 1st. The goal Omate went for in their new take on the smartwatch was fashion. This means that Omate may have sacrificed a bit in the software aspect from what we’ve seen from them before.

The Omate X will not be running on Android Wear, though it will serve as a sort of notification center much like the Pebble smartwatch family and work with android. The sacrifice in the software division, may lead to a device that’s more fashionable, and definitely help the battery last longer. The Omate X will be made of metal and come with a leather strap, which together with software capabilities puts it in the same category as the Pebble Steel.

Being that the Omate X is similar to the Pebble Steel in many ways, you’d think the device would come with an equal to or greater than price. However, Omate has pulled an interesting move, cutting the price down to only $129 at launch. This makes the Omate X half the price of it’s main contender the Pebble Steel, it’s even cheaper than some plastic models of the Pebble. While the price is well below average for a premium built device, Omate has another offer to enter strong into the market. During the first five days after the release of the smartwatch, you can use a special code “LUTETIA” and get an early bird discount of $30, making the Omate X only $99.

Omate has also noted that the first 1,000 units sold will get a special serial number marking it as an “Early Bird/Limited Edition” device. All of this makes for a very exciting entrance for a smartwatch from such a young company. Though, in order to see everything Omate has previewed, you must be a backer on Kickstarter- login required. So, if you’ve purchased the previous version of Omate’s smartwatch, the TrueSmart, let us know your thoughts on it? Would you be willing to back yet another smartwatch from them, or do you plan on skipping it this time around? Let us know in the comments below or on our G+ page.