Om Audio Introduces The OM/One, The World's First Levitating Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are plentiful. There are all kinds, all shapes, and all sizes. There is virtually one for every taste, and that's a good things because everyone likes different things. You can find Bluetooth speakers of all sorts of designs, and in varied qualities ranging from fairly cheap to rather expensive depending on how many features a device may have and how good the audio output is. Never though, have you probably seen something like the OM/One Bluetooth speaker, which levitates before your very eyes. As good as it looks, the team at OM is also claiming that it truly sounds amazing as well, which is the kicker when it comes to a Bluetooth speaker. Looking great is well.. great, but sounding great is better as we want our audio to sound immersive, full, rich, and sometimes booming.

OM Audio has set out to create a truly unique experience with sound and music, by bringing us the OM/One, which might just be the best damn looking speaker that we have ever laid eyes on. Short of being a great conversation point at home gatherings and parties, the OM/One seeks to provide you with rich sound and an unparalleled audio sensory experience with the sound output when you listen to your favorite tunes. It does play music, and it does look sleek, sexy and elegant, and it does levitate. However those aren't the only things it does. The team at OM states that it also has a type 1 mic embedded for use as a speakerphone, and even points out that they frequently use it for conference calls around the office.

The OM/One is a fully portable speaker, so it does have the capability to be taken away from the base and continue fully functioning without it. This will allow you to take it anywhere you go just like any other Bluetooth speaker. The OM/One will use Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology, so pairing with the vast selection of devices out there today will be no problem. You can also pair two of the OM/One's together for an amazing audio experience according to the team at OM. While it looks great and seemingly sounds great, a Bluetooth speaker is only as good as its battery life allows, and thankfully it sounds like the OM/One will provide that as it's stated to have a 15 hour battery life. That should keep you from having to recharge it when you take it on the go, unless you plan on being gone longer than that period of time. As it stands the OM/One isn't completely consumer ready, and to get things to that point OM Audio is holding its own crowd funding through the OM website. Being able to pick up your own version of the OM/One in either Black or White will only set you back $179, and should you want to grab one of these there are a limited number of backer units. You can jump on board by going to the main OM website from the link below.

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