Official Teaser Pegs ASUS Smartwatch For Curved Display And Included Camera


Smartwatches are starting to come out of the woodwork from all major manufacturers, and thanks to the upcoming event in Berlin, IFA 2014 that is, we’ll be getting the chance to see at least a few more new devices get their official unveilings. Motorola’s famous Moto 360 is getting an unveiling on September 4th, and just early yesterday morning LG unveiled they’ll be showing off what some are already speculating is going to be called the LG G Watch R, the G Watch with the round face that LG teased in their short video. Even Samsung has been rumored as of this morning to be showing off a round face smartwatch at the event. ASUS is yet another company that is rumored to be showing off their stuff in the smartwatch department at IFA, and just today they teased some stuff of their own  that suggests that the first ever smartawatch from ASUS could come with a curved display.

Come September 3rd we should know more exact details coming straight from ASUS themselves, as they teased an image on their Facebook page this morning that depicts some early stage drawing designs of a smartwatch with a slightly curved display and a September 3rd date. We already knew that the ASUS watch was coming of course and they reportedly mentioned in the not too distant past that their watch would include things like gesture controls, something that actually sounds quite interesting and we really can’t wait to see. According to the teaser image the watch is to be carrying a camera as well as a smooth shell, which sounds like ASUS is referring to the curvature and perhaps maybe the materials used?

The design in the image doesn’t look too much different from the already available options in the smartwatch space when it comes to shape, save for being a bit more narrow than the likes the Gear smartwatches from Samsung and the slight curve. If the ASUS smartwatch does indeed come with a camera, we have to wonder how they’ll compete price wise. ASUS is pretty proud of what they have come up with so hopefully they’ll be able to deliver in a market that is fast becoming congested and very competitive. On another note, ASUS has yet to reveal what OS will be running on their smartwatch, whether it be Android Wear or something of in house UI.

ASUS Smartwatch