NuMi by Nutrisystem Diet App Available for Android

August 1, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

Diet has to be the worst four-letter of all time – I have dieted all of my life and any form of help is welcomed.  Diets are big business and we see advertisements for them all of the time – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, DASH, the Biggest Loser, TLC Diet, Medifast, South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem, just to name a few and I personally, have tried at least four of them.  One of the biggest names on that list, Nutrisystem, has finally come out with an app for our  Android smartphone – called NuMi.

Aditi Gokhale, Senior Vice President & GM Digital at Nutrisystem said: “Today’s dieters expect support wherever they go, and with the NuMi Android app, Android smartphone users can get the exclusive information and expertise NuMi delivers as they go about their daily lives.  It’s a challenge to lose extra pounds and keep them off, but with NuMi’s flexible, comprehensive program, dieters get the full spectrum of services they need to succeed – wherever they are.”

The NuMi, like Weight Watchers, does require a fee for you to access its features.  You can pay $19.99 per month if you only want to try it out on a month-to-month basis.  To save money, you can get a 3-month membership for $47.98 or to save even more, the best value is $139.93 for the entire year, which works out to $2.69 per week.  All plans include a 7-day FREE trial.  For your membership you get a personalized weight-loss program that will calculate your daily caloric needs and recommend meal and ‘activity’ recommendations (sounds a lot like exercise to me).  It will give you places to eat out by your location including over 300 restaurant chains.  You also are entitled to one-on-one real-time support and encouragement – 7 days a week from 7AM – Midnight (EST).  The NuMi app will recommend real-time activities based on your lifestyle.  You will have seamless connectivity to fitness devices and Wi-Fi Scales-FitBit, Jawbone and Withings.  You will also get a snapshot of your progress, as well as insights and tips to help you stay on track.

The app also has extra options to help you follow your diet – you don’t feel like chatting, no problem – how about tracking the three most common behaviors that affect your weight loss.  Victories – Daily wins that will eventually add up to your long-term success.  Slip Ups – Natural and expected missteps that occur with every diet.  Wobbles – Moments of temptations or indecisions.

The app comes with a Bar Code Scanner to scan the nutritional information directly into the program from tens of thousands of package foods.  You can also create a shopping list, print it out, email it or just carry it around on your phone.  You can even pick a dietary preference – Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free, and even includes Italian, Mexican and Asian choices for cooking.

Check out the Nutrisystem NuMi via the seven day free trial and see if it is right for you.  Like all diets the main thing you need is willpower, however, programs like NuMi can help give you guidance and the support that may help you follow the program…and if you can afford the annual fee, the cost is one of the most reasonable you will find.  Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you are a dieter and if you have tried the NuMi app and let us know what you think about their program…as always, we would love to hear from you.