Note to Self: Commandr for Google Now Will Master Google's Voice Search for Your Convenience

Ever wanted to pretend you have a Moto X, but be able to use that voice command to do something Google Now can't, like toggle Bluetooth for the drive to work?  Sadly, all Google Now can do is take you to the setting to handle it yourself, which causes large and illegal problems when driving anywhere.  Want to fix that hands-required part of Google Now's control over your device?  With an update and vast improvement to an app from July, called Commandr for Google Now (some of you might remember this one), you can now have Google be your DJ, or the assistant that reads out your unread email.

Last month, we saw an app appear on the Play Store that let us control most if not all aspects of our phones and tablets using Google Now and our voice, but limited the experience by using the phrase 'note to self' before the command for the desired action could be spoken.  Now, with a recent update to Commandr for Google Now, you truly are the captain of your ship, with Google Now as a first mate.  Here's how to set up this wonderful tool and toy.

First, go download the app from the Play Store (Commandr for Google Now is the listing name), then open it up.  There will be a screenshot-based guide below, but here's the text version.  You make a choice, either to allow accessibility access for Commandr, or to simply use the 'note to self' interface as before.  The accessibility option sounds very risky, but it isn't; the app only needs it to listen directly in on Google Now's input, for one of the many commands it can take and execute.  I recommend this option simply because it's easier when using Commandr and Google Now.

Once you select your access option, and get to the 'main screen', go take a look at the list of commands (also shown below in a rather lengthy screenshot for your convenience), and test some of them out.  Just either open up Google Now, or, depending on your listening settings for Google's hotword, configurable to be just in the search app/Now launcher, on within any app, as well as from the lockscreen (and from screen-off, if plugged into a power source), initiate a voice search, and use your command of choice to tes tout how great your reach of Google and phone controlling power now has become (while refraining from using the clich©d 'over 9000' joke from Dragonball Z in your exclamation).

Also worthy of note is that the app can integrate with Tasker, known to many as the penultimate automation and controller of choice, (simply allow external access in Tasker's settings) and you can use your tasks during a voice command.  And as a final note on the app and developer's behalves, you can suggest and vote for new command integration for Commandr, so all may use a clever screen lock, to turn your phone's screen off just as your friend or sister goes to pick it up to check your latest text message.  So go give this one a download (or upgrade, if you have it already) and get to commanding your Google Now!

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