Noke Is A First Bluetooth Padlock, Unlock It Via The Smartphone App WIthout A Hassle

Kicktarter is always a good place to raise money if you have a great idea. There are many projects currently active there for you to check out and perhaps even back one of them, like Noke Padlock for example. Noke Padlock is a world's first bluetooth (4.0) padlock made by FŪZ Designs. What is this exactly? Well, it's a padlock which you can unlock by using a smartphone application whether on iOS or Android. Using it is rather simple, all you have to do is press the shank on the padlock itself and it will look for the application installed on your smartphone. Basically you don't even need to take a phone out of your pocket or anything of the sort, which makes this extremely easy to use and quite convenient.

If you'd like to use this thing to lock your bicycle, FŪZ Designs offers an option to purchase a bike mount and a cable. Noke will have yet another interesting function, you'll be able to share the access to it. If you need to let someone access your bike, locker or whatever you locked with it, you can just securely share the access to it to someone via the application itself. Within the app you have access to previous times the Noke was unlocked, so you always know who used it and when. They even thought of a situation when you forget your phone or your battery dies for example, you can unlock it by creating a custom clicking code, the feature is called "Quick Click" and you can check it out bellow the article (animated .gif). This device is of course water resistant and the battery will last about a year according to FŪZ Designs. The app will notify you when the battery dies and you change it yourself without a problem.

If you'd like to make a donation to this project you can do that if you follow the source link below. FŪZ Designs raised over $33,000 as of writing of this article and are aiming at $100,000 with 30 days left to donate. If you donate $59 you'll get the Noke ($30 off the retail price according to FŪZ Designs), ff you however opt to donate $20 more, you'll be entitled to an aforementioned bike mount and cable. This actually seems like a great idea and I have no doubt they will be able to hit the required $100,000 mark. Your thoughts?



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