NlpUnbounce is an Xposed Module that Keeps Google Services at Bay, Saves Battery


What's one of the biggest selling points on every major phone that comes out today?  Something that hasn't changed in years and years, really ever since smartphones became a thing well over a decade ago?  Battery life, that's what!  Every new phone claims it's got the best battery life, the biggest battery, the best and most efficient software, but battery life is one of those things that only ever seems to get better in very small increments.  While using your phone all day long will certainly kill the battery quicker than anything, one of the biggest annoyances is watching your battery drain by the hour when you're not even using the thing.  This comes from wakelocks, or things that literally wake your phone out of sleep and cause it to use more battery than it otherwise would probably need to.

Google services are a big wakelock hog, and while they've gotten better than what they used to be, Google Services still takes up much more battery than many would like for it to do.  While Google Now is a fantastic tool to use and needs to know things like your location and other valuable information, at the present time Google Services wakes your phone up every 60 seconds, and will use the device for anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds at a time, meaning that anywhere from 10-25% of your battery drain could come just from these services waking your device up!


NlpUnbounce aims to rectify that problem by disallowing Google Services from waking up the device every 60 seconds, and instead lets you specify how often you'd like this to happen.  Right now the default time is changed from 60 seconds to 240 seconds, and you can even turn off Google Services' ability to wake the device altogether, although that's not a recommended practice if you enjoy any of the valuable information and data that Google brings you.  At this point it's made a significant impact on my battery life, and I've only been running this for a few hours now, so give it a shot and see how it works for you!  Of course since this is an Xposed module you'll need to be rooted and have Xposed installed, which is still not available on Android L or KitKat devices running the ART runtime, but as long as you're content with Dalvik for now everything will be peachy for you.  Check the XDA source link below for the thread on the topic.

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