The new Motorola Skip Leaks Out, Will Keep your Device unlocked within a Certain Distance

moto skip

One of the best accessories that Motorola put out last year was the Motorola Skip. Essentially it was a NFC tag, that you could clip to your pants or something and slide your phone up the Motorola Skip and it would unlock your phone. It worked seamlessly and was an amazing feature to have. Motorola also had “Trusted Devices” in the Moto X last year which allowed you to use a Bluetooth device to keep your phone unlocked. For instance, if you had a Pebble or Android Wear smartwatch, while it was connected, it would disable the security screen on your Moto X. Which was also a pretty sweet feature, that Google has now thrown into Android L, and added location aware abilities to that as well.

Now it looks like Motorola has combined Motorola Skip and Trusted Devices together for the new Moto Skip. Which we’ll likely see next week at Motorola’s event. The new Motorola Skip can be used in three ways. One to find your keys. You can attach the Moto Skip to your keys and use the Motorola app on your phone to track them down. Kind of like find my phone, but for your keys. You can also use Moto Skip to find your phone. Simply double press Skip to find your phone. Finally, you can keep your phone unlocked, which is the roots of Motorola Skip. Additionally, this only works with Motorola devices, which is unfortunate, but it is a way for Motorola to try and sell their devices.

Motorola has all kinds of stuff to show off next week, and we’ll be in Chicago to see what Motorola has to announce for the fall. So make sure you stay tuned to Android Headlines for all the details. How many of you are excited to see what Motorola has to offer next week?