New Kickstarter brings Wireless Charging to the Car for just $40


Sometimes we find some pretty interesting things on Kickstarter. And what do ya know, we found one. This is a magnetic snap-on case that brings wireless charging to your car. According to their Kickstarter page "Expand Your Charging Possibilities with Revocharge Eco-System. Desk Mount, Car Mount, Belt clip, Arm Band and Magnetic Batteries."

Basically what it does is it has a mount to mount your phone which is powered by a battery which wirelessly charges your phone using the Qi protocol. You also get a case for your phone which will enable wireless charging. Which is great for those that don't support wireless charging like the HTC One M8. It's also available for the iPhone 5S and the new iPhone 6 which will be announced next month. It's a really cool Kickstarter project, definitely better than the potato salad one. At the time of writing this, it had about 38 days left and was about half way to it's goal of $15,000. You can check out the Kickstarter project here. We've got the press release down below.






Revocharge: Revocharge: Magnetic Snap-On Wireless Charging System for iPhone and Androids.

Revocharge is designed to protect a user's smartphone while making it easy tochargesync data, and access the phone's headphone jack, without ever having to remove the phone case.
Today we are constantly on the go with time being a crucial part of our lives. As smartphones make us more efficient there are still a lot of hurdles when it comes to charging your phone. Frustrated by the lack of mobility from his own charges lifelong entrepreneur, Cemal Samsilova developed Revocharge. Unlike other wireless smartphone chargers on the market, Revocharge features Autosense technology, making it capable of providing a full charge – regardless of the smartphone. It has also achieved MFI (made for iPhone) licensing, affirming it is in compliance with Apple's strict guidelines for product releases.

  • Revocharge uses conductive charging meaning your phone will charge like it's plugged in wall outlet.
  • Autosense technology making it capable of optimally charging various devices from iPhones to Androids. Automatically adjusts to a devices need for optimum charging.
  • The battery can then be removedrecharged, and replaced, providing users a constant flow of energy without having to carry cables or cords.
  • It features earth magnets, providing a powerful, yet easy to adjust, hold from case to mount.
  • The Revocharge battery simply snaponto the back of the case, providing enough power for a full charge.
  • Replaces all your charging cables and worry of loosing them.

Revocharge was designed to keep you on the go. The system also includes a car mount and desktop charging system to keep your phone charged wherever you go. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign, offering early backers the wireless charge case, magnetic battery and Micro USB charge/sync cable for $39.
About Revocharge
Revocharge, an innovative technology firm located in Northern Virginia, outside Washington, D.C., was founded by Cemal Samsilova, a lifelong entrepreneur who has worked at established firms including IBM and Lockheed Martin throughout his career. Having personally experienced frustration over the lack of mobility in his own smartphone chargers, Samsilova set out to create a solution to what he has determined to be a universal problem, thus Revocharge was born. Learn more about Revocharge at, on Google Plus, and on Twitter.